Ascension Chamber beginners

So Ascension Chamber is meant to basically help with manifestations, is it okay for beginners who are already running 2 majors?

It can be run once weekly outside your normal shack. That’s the recommendation anyhow.


I used it when I was brand new to SubClub personally.


Enjoy the magic!


Would you say it helped?

Yes. It definitely helps. For me, it further cemented how powerful Subliminal Club’s tools are.

I use it with Mind’s Eye often to manifest things, and to enhance my results with the other subs in my stack.

What is in your stack?


Primal and True Social. Not very spiritual I know haha, but if it helps with manifesting then hey :man_shrugging:


Ascension Chamber is actually the “primer” of the subliminal, separated and extracted into it’s own sub. That helps with results overall - and of course there’s extra manifestation added in, but manifestation just means “getting what you want,” in a non-spiritual perspective… I don’t think of manifestation (or subliminals) even the least bit spiritually. I just think of subliminals as activating your reticular activating system (RAS) to hunt for what you want and eliminate limiting beliefs that make you think you can’t achieve it… and/or eliminating any tendencies your RAS has to look for reasons why you won’t get what you want instead of looking for reasons why you will get what you want.



It doesn’t have to be spiritual to want it in your life. Your goals are yours, and that’s great.

Primal and True Social are subs that I’ve not run at all, but I think I can offer something regardless.

I would encourage you to look over each one’s objective list, maybe even compile it together in a notepad or some such. I did that personally. These are the goals of the subs, and the framework from which Ascension Chamber assists. It doesn’t work solo!
So all of those objective lines are things that the scripting can assist with, and things that you can boost with AsC.

So, Primal:

and True Social:

That’s what Ascension Chamber has to work with! Pretty cool right?
*Any OG feel free to correct me!

I like to get a list together of what I would like Ascension Chamber to work on this week, working with the possibilities of my sub stack. With your stack, I might write down/type out goals like:

  1. Boost processing and execution of Primal or True Social or both!(in general)
  2. Manifest a good encounter/positive interaction with a lady(ies?)
  3. Ensure positive interactions with people all week long
  4. Enhance your aura (99% sure I’ve read on here that Approachability Aura is in True Social. Might be Daredevil)
  5. Help relaxation in conversation

Your list will be different.

After I have my list together, I listen to the full 7 minutes of Ascension Chamber and read the list over and over a few times until I feel satisfied it’s in there. Usually only takes 2-3 minutes, and I attempt to keep my mind clear for the remainder of the loop.

I had Ascension Chamber showing me real proof it worked in my life the first week I listened to it. I hope it works as well for you!


@PizzaShaman @ouroboros so you run it after your stack, but do you have ti visualize or anything or is it fine to just play it?

Some sort of visualization helps, I’ve found.


You can try it both ways, only 2 weeks to notice the difference between the two methods.

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It’s “fine” to just play it, but, Ascension Chamber is best used in conjunction with conscious goal-setting, and boosted even further by visualization.

The more clear you can get on what it is that you want, and then run Ascension Chamber as the title that helps you achieve that specific goal, the better.

I don’t visualize, I feel, but that’s because I’m not a visual person.

Whether you visualize, hear, feel, say, the thing that matters is knowing what you want, and spending time contemplating visualizing/feeling/etc it as if you already have accomplished it.

On the same day of AsCh is good, doing it at all generally is ok too


Replace the list with a visualization board that you look at while listening to Ascension Chamber.

Make a big picture the size of your monitor (for me it is 4k) and then put pictures onto it of all the stuff and experiences that you want to manifest.

While looking at your visualization board and listening to Ascension Chamber tell your Subconscious Mind exactly what you want it to manifest.

Also try to get into the feeling of having this stuff and these experiences. Feeling is a very powerful signal to the Subconscious Mind.