Ascension - BlackSheep


Hey, been on subliminals for 2.5 years now. I tried Ascension lite and liked it, so I bought the full version and have been listening the regular program.

I noticed an urge to drink lots of water and I’m wondering if that’s in the script somehow. I’m walking faster and with better posture and I seem to be in a better mood. I also noticed an internal confidence and energy. And like other people mentioned I had a few crazy dreams of the zombie apocalyptic type. I also noticed some women staring at me and treating me better. I was chewing out one woman at a restaurant for something and the way she responded it was like she enjoyed it haha. Giving me the sexy eyes the whole time. It’s also unlike me to stand up for myself in that way so that’s more evidence.


More confident swagger, social anxiety reduced, and more externally confident. I’m turning a few heads, mostly from men who are sizing me up (not in a gay way). I also noticed people went quiet when I started talking, and some people I had never talked to before wished me goodbye and used my name even though I don’t know them. All the things I mentioned are noteworthy and different from baseline.

I haven’t seen much response from women yet.


Lots and lots of dreams last night. I woke up feeling really disoriented, like I was coming back to reality. This program also makes it hard for me to sleep. I’ve had to turn it off so far because I’m waking up in the middle of the night with TONS of energy even though I am also very tired. At that point I can’t sleep unless I turn it off.


I’m going through the reconciliation process and it’s pretty bad. A lot of things come to the surface from my childhood 15 years ago that I had forgotten about but were still bothering me I guess. Things I did that were wrong but could never admit to myself. The dreams are really intense and rarely pleasant.

There is a lot of swagger to my step now and I do feel quite confident and indifferent to other people’s judgement. I’m thinking about starting a Youtube channel and stream in my free time to see if I can build something. I started taking a test booster and anti-estrogen supplement to boost my masculinity even more.

For whatever reason these files work differently than the ones I am used to. I get headaches from -60 to -50 dB but that shouldn’t even be that loud. Is there a masked version of ascension coming out? I have no idea how loud this sub actually is and it concerns me.


Major IDGAF to report. Pre-ordered stealth and seduction.


Yooo not stealth tho


A lot more women looking at me yesterday. Feeling a bit more confident since starting S&S. I wish Ascension was masked because I have no idea the volume I’m listening at.