Ascension and Mogul Q


Has anyone tried running Ascension or Mogul Q?

EmperorQ or StarkQ are too strong for me and I want to restart from a firm foundation while keeping a healing component.


I was running MogulQ after the updates, I switched to AMQ yesterday


I’m running AscensionQ at the moment


We’d love to hear some experiences. They were targeted before. Now they are targeted and supersized.


AscensionQ for me makes me very angry at times at People…it’s as if I want my way or no way…I also stand up alot and then realise hey what have I done or said…I just started running it so can’t comment on more stuff


It could be you are getting angry at what people say or do that should upset you, but normally before you might have just pushed it to the side or let it eat at you


Yes u could be right…like today one of my old friends phoned me and started telling me things I was not happy hearing…I took of with him and felt nothing about it…I could care less about him.
I also feel very brave annwait for a moment to show who I am …it feels nice but dangerous also


How long did you run it before you had those effects?


I’m running it now for like a week…but I felt the changes almost the second day …but not so strong but as the days went on I could feel it stronger…
It’s like a range u have in u that u can let out when u want


I’m running RegenerationQ and RebirthQ and then plan to move on to AscensionQ when time is right. Maybe a month or three down the road. I don’t feel I have ever given myself a solid foundation and that’s why I am struggling so much. Hopefully sooner rather that later will no doubt hit that point where I will emphatically tell people to go fuck themselves