Ascension and Emperor stacked?


I have been 18 days on Emperor and have experienced some positive changes. Now I am very comfortable in my own skin.

I now want to focus more energy on my dating life. Even though I go out to meet women. Being in my 50s I need every thing in my arsenal to help me in this area.

The SS and Primal has no definite release dates. It could be next week or next month I don’t know.

I understand Ascension is more geared towards dating. Should i stack listening to Ascension with Emperor ?



Emperor has scripting for romance and dating, it’s just a much bigger script and the focus is more “diffused.” Ascension is a shorter script, so the romance and dating scripting will be more pronounced than Emperor. Sex & Seduction will be out soon, so wait for that and you’ll have the perfect combo (Emperor + S&S).