Ascended mogul upgrade



Would someone please let me know if AM got the upgrade to Q VERSION.

Thank you.


Yes, yes, and yes.


With Q updated subs you will start to see results a lot faster then previous versions, all subs are updated to Q except for superchargers and bonus stack modules like social king and creativity unleashed and others.


I believe, as I’ve read, that dependant on the sub you’ve chosen, that one loop of say EmperorQ is (I believe?) 6 loops of Emperorv4. I believe multi-stages like KhanQ is 3 loops in comparison to the one loop of the original Khan. This means you’ll get results faster as you’re processing more information at a different speed to the original variants. How exciting. I personally feel like I’m getting quicker results from SpartanQ than I did with the original Spartan - however bare in mind I hadn’t used Spartan that long before using Q, maybe a week or two.


Yeah sounds impressive. I can’t wait to try the Q version. :sunglasses: