Ascended Mogul Q dhc's Journal


Just purchased AMQ
…will list down my observations here…

1ST LOOP masked : its already activating!!


Very nice. Can’t wait to read your insights about this sub. Congrats


actually it was an hour of this + my pre work which made me kill it in the gym. i ran 1 masked loop on day 1 and a couple of ultrasonics. day 2 is break.


i did 2 masked loops today… will run it over night with ultrasonic…
couldnt take that brak, may be tomorrow…


It’s great you made that move, mate! Could you kindly share with us your subs use history and your expectations towards AMQ, please?


i started with subclub on Jan 28th 2020

Ran emp v4 for the 1st 2 months Feb and march
then added GLM March end. have been runing that till date.
then got rebirth in May 2020. coudlnt run that for long cuase it broke me, havent touched it again.
alternatively i got primal, have been runinng that for a couple of months till date.
then got stark in august, ran it in august, sept : didnt click that well for me as compared to Emp
finally got libertine ultima in early august have been running that since, a loop masked a day.
and my last in Nov 2020 is AMQ. Goal : is to bring out the entepreneur in me.
cause the other programs have stabilized all my disempowering thinking. Emp, GLM, Primal, Libertine (these are the foundations for me)


Thank you for sharing. I would have one more question, if you don’t mind. Why did you give up on listening to Emperor after two months of listening? Was it too difficult for you? You didn’t get satisfactory results? Or you just wanted to experiment and try something else?


emperor has worked the best for me, i still lsiten to it


How long have you been running Emperor and why did you decide to add AM to it? Emperor contains the whole script of AM, that’s why I’m asking.


I decided for a change… emperor manifested well with me… im way ahead of were i used to be…

I want a specific change to happpen and it seems like AMQ would accelerate that change, since its a Q scripted program. After overloading my subconcious with all these subs for the past 10 months, ive decided on AMQ to manifest a very specific change.

Each sub works differently on every one, it depends on your capcity to absorb, the reconciliation time frame, the manifesting , the sustainablibty factor and the most important the execution aspect which is key…

so dont over think the subs, i know the options are many, if you want overall enhahncement go on with Emperor and run it for a couple of months with a consistent listening schedule, the foundation must be strong for your house to stay!

dont over complicate with the available options, dont try to fix everything at once, take you priority and focus on that only!

My advice : Get only Emperor and listen to it consistently, i am certain will bring out the best in you like it has done for me and several others here!


stopped this program.


Why did you do that if I may ask? Did you decide to switch to another program?


taking a break, im doing a 30 day dopamine detox in december, at least gonna try so limited tech, limit exposure to new info, etc…


I see. Any plans on going back to your journaling?


not for now, im prioritizing what i actually want to focus on.