Ascended Mogul + Limitless beforehand just brought Emperor on December 29th


I have been using subliminals since 2009-ish. Got very serious about changing my life in 2014. Been using at least one a night since. I got Ascended Mogul September 14, did nothing with it because I was experimenting with a subliminal a guy i know made.

More about me, I have cerebral palsy. I got a BA in film in 2000. I do computer effects. No studio hired me out of college. I have a speech impediment that makes rapid fire spitballing ideas hard. So been living of disability my whole life. In 2015, thanks to subliminals, energy healing, and manifestation, I met my wife.

In November we became homeless, living in a hotel room. I began to also looking into affiliate marketing as an income source. Last week I remembered i had ascended mogul. My friend subliminal did nothing for me. so i thought I go with ascended mogul. I also looked at the subliminal club website and found limitless for learning, so i brought it.

I downloaded winamp so i could make a playlist on my laptop and have it run 24/7, in a ‘set it and forget it’ style. I started this stack of ascended mogul + limitless on Nov 28. I wake up at 7:30-8 o’clock everyday now. I have ideas on what i can do that day. I still have yet to make a sale, but I know it is a long term game with subliminals. I do know they work very well for me. I don’t watch porn anymore. Someone said anti-porn was in ascended mogul. No desire to watch porn.

I am doing 2 other subs at night, but i know me and my limits. 4 is my limit, and 2 ‘brands’ is okay for me.


It must take a lot of courage and a lot of strong character to go through that and still have the burning fire inside you to get the life you really want. You and your dear wife.


Thank you.

I decided not to be too concern with how other people in my facebook groups for affiliate marketing are doing. I do know i will start making sales in due time.

I plan on this stack going for at least a year. I want radical deep core changes, and very interested in what ‘subconscious book reading’ is.


I brought Emperor yesterday. I now want to build myself an online sales empire. I know that emperor replaces Ascended Mogul, but does it also replace limitless? I read it has the full script of limitless but is there any benafit to running both limitless and Emperor?


@SaintSovereign I read somewhere on the forum that it is possible to run Ascended Mogul and Emperor. Is that true? what would be the benefits? Could i throw limitless in the stack for 3 major programs? Would that be redundant? I want to grow my online affiliate marketing empire as fast as possible, and learn the right way to do it. I have been having great ideas, and a ton of ‘ah huh’ moment since I started Emperor.


Yes, it’s possible – but Emperor and Ascended Mogul have slightly different methods to achieve the same goal. Emperor is more of a “I’ll separate from society and do my own thing.” Ascended Mogul is more “I’ll do my own thing from within the boundaries of society.” Emperor can make you a loner, motivated solely for success. There may be social elements, but only toward achieving that goal. Ascended Mogul is more, “I’ll be the big man at work, with a nice side business for extra income.”


I decided to run full Emperor, Emperor Ex only for the time being.

I am grateful that I took time to build my base through Ascended Mogul for a few month before starting Emperor.

I am learning things about affiliate marketing daily. I read a book from 2008-ish because it had a great section on copy writing. I am having strange dreams.

I see connections and stuff that other people area doing, that I think I could do better. So I do.

I am recommitting to film stuff for youtube more.

As i am very happily married, I am not doing that part of emperor, just making money…


considering adding limitless, just because i love learning, but fear it might take Emperor longer to manifest if i split my focus.


Yes, my new stack…

Emperor v2

Will add the SC and SM for limitless when it comes out


Posted 3 You tube videos this week. One is a review of Subliminal Club. The others are about hypnosis and a Q&A thing. I am gonna do 3 a week. Free traffic is cool.

I made a video ad in after effects, for an offer I am promoting. I honestly forgot how much fun After Effects can be.

I don’t know the rules about posting links to youtube review videos, so I wont.


I can see the Emperor v2 working on me. I found a mentor for affiliate marketing last Nov when I decided to start my journey into it. On paper, he sounded great, top paid affiliate. went from 0 to 6 figures in a year. So, I jumped at the chance to train under him. Turns out, I ca’t chat with him, something he said would happen. Hell, he is absent from his own Facebook group, except for ‘look how much i made’ or new ‘training’ to sell me more stuff. He doesn’t really care about his group, and it shows. At least I see it. The product page he wants me to promote only has HIS name on it. I cannot edit the page to have my name on it. Most of the people say ‘You need to brand yourself, not someone else.’

I found a new mentor that is all about helping you build you own brand. She has training about using her stuff, but take her name off and put in yours. And she tells you how to take her name off. I am going to start working with her in Feb. and not work for the ‘build my name up guys, not yours.’


This week I decided to actually talk to people that call themselves ‘mentors’ or ‘trainers’ for the product I want to be aligned with. I wanted to find the best fit for what I want. I had one actually say ‘I have no sales, but I’ll help you.’ I thought to myself, no actually you wont have me. I narrowed it down to 3, but leaning towards one.

On January 3rd I got my wife Ascension for Women. She loves it, feels more happy. Wants a better library job. She has a MLS. and is applying to other libraries. She has a part time job at a library her friend manages. But it is on the circulation desk, which anyone could do. She wants to do collection development. Which she did before.


Question: I have

Emperor v2
Beyond Limitless

in a loop, but I am seeing stuff like this in the forum

Emperor X 3
Limitless X2
and some stacking mods thrown in.

What are the advantages of the X2 or X3 versus one in a loop?


Recently I noticed I have a attitude of lack. @Fire or @SaintSovereign does Emperor v2 instill an attitude of abundance? I hope so.


When you run a program back to back for several loops “usualy” it helps to achieve the desired goal.

Also some people for example listen to Emperor while sleep and other sub when they are awake or vice versa.

This is my stack :

Emperore v2 x5
Mogul v2 x4


The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It’s to have the discipline when there are so many competing things. Alexa Hirschfeld


Are you Arjuna Adjinna?


Nope, who’s that?


I was looking for YouTube videos reviews of subclub, and found one and only one from that person