Ascended Mogul and Emperor


Hi guys, very glad to stumble upon this site. I’ve been using as well as making my own subliminals for my own use for years (without much results) but the subs here seem like they are in a league of their own.

Recently I purchased and have started using ascended mogul for about a week or so. I’m currently self employed, running small businesses and doing occasional freelance work.

I’ve read a few times on this forum that ascended mogul is better suited for people working normal jobs who want to advance their career. My goals are to expand my businesses, open new ones and get rich and successful, I also hope to improve my romantic life. So aside from the romantic part, they’re all business/entrepreneurial goals and nothing job/career related. Would I receive any benefits from Ascended Mogul in this case?

To be honest, before making my purchase I thought that Emperor was a far better suit for my goals but ended up buying Ascended Mogul instead because I thought that Emperor would take too long to produce results.

But now after using ascended mogul for a few days, I’m very tempted to buy Emperor (I’ve already added it into the cart)

As I’m new to the subliminals here, I’d rather use them one at a time so as to quicken the effects they have on my mind instead of stacking them.

I’m planning to buy Emperor and stop using Ascended Mogul altogether. Do you think that would be a good choice?

Thanks a lot.


If i was in your shoes I would test drive ascended mogul for a month and see how things go. After a month decide if you want to stop ascended mogul and progress with emperor.


Yes, you need a foundation for emperor.