Ascended Mogul after Emperor


Would running Ascended Mogul after 90 days of Emperor make Ascended Mogul run faster and more effectively?



My explanation why, could have explained better

As Emperor created new neuronic pathways in your brain. Yes it will make it run faster for the parts that in common, and in the beggining you may still feel like when you were listening to Emperor for the sole reason that the common part in both scripts may fire up neuron pathways that were only present in emperor and your brain will need time to loosen those pathways.


Probably but dont take what i say as the gospel.
My reasoning behind saying probably is because ascended mogul has a smaller script which therefore makes it quicker to process by the brain.

Emperor would probably give you a head start as i believe it already has the mogul script in it.


I guess unless you have already run the 90 days of Emperor why not just start with Ascended Mogul and then keep running it?