Ascended Emperor Mogul Journey


Alrighty so I went through and bought both Ascended Mogul and Emperor last night. I set my playlist as Ascended Mogul than Emperor on repeat with Masked. Because Ultrasonic is so loud it’s quiet apparently. So right now I’m listening to Emperor through Ultrasonic, but I see that people use speakers for it. I’m using my phones speakers, but don’t know if that’s good or not.


Emperor has been known to be quite a powerful sub and can be kind of hard to handle for a beginner. I suggest you start off with AscMogul for a month and then start Emperor to see how you feel. It’s dependent on the individual however, so it’s entirely up to you


Not quite – we just haven’t evolved to consciously hear it. Dogs, for example, can. It’s the same principle of how dog whistles work.


Day 2: okay so starting to get the hang of how to use these subliminals. May need to find a decent pair of wired earbuds as well as a way to play two different music media’s on my iPhone.


Day 3: okay so starting to get the hang of playing these subliminals. Using Ultrasonic mode while I listen to music in the car following the protocol I was given. I will say right now the funds are super low; however I’m not necessarily scared. Instead just been thinking of solutions all day and what I need to go further. However have had negativity pop up, but it was shit I need to come to terms with. Dunno if the uprooting of things is a part of this.


Day 4: putting in the hours; dunno about headaches or anything. I feel just fine playing Emperor and Ascended Mogul. Got some money back. Although unsure where to go with actions for money truth be told. However I have been less nervous about approaching women. And the hot chick is talking too is being more risqué.


Day 5-8: Okay so now I’m starting to see definite improvements. I have most certainly developed a no fucks given approach to talking to women easier. I’m way more confident and way relaxed about my situation. The only thing and this is just me is the money aspect of things; that’s what ima need to figure out. But overall going awesomely well. PS I can’t wait for V3 of Emperor