As Above So Below


Topic as above- anybody willing to provide some reviews on this?

I am asking as someone who finds it hard to imagine a ray of yellow lighht coming into my crown and moving across my body,or being wrapped by a body of white light,or expanding into the universe.

Would like to know more about the experiences with As Above and So Below in any case


I don’t know about as above so below, but the thing about yellow light is very common in similar products. If you can’t imagine than feel the light like a warm blanket feels, first on your head and than through your body, until your whole body feels warm.

Where ever your mind is Prana/Qi flows through those parts of the body, you might think that this part is just a gimmick but you’re actually opening up to your 2nd subtle body.


I can imagine a light wrapping itself around me now, but still cannot imagine my body becoming warm.


Good, you don’t have to imagine both