Armed With My Custom Sub


Just got my custom sub barely a minute ago and I’m currently playing it now.

The Core Subs are:

  • Primal Seduction
  • Sex Mastery
  • and Mogul

The other subs are:

  • Sexual Manifestation
  • Gorgeous Manifestor
  • Charisma Flirting Automatic Mentor Improver
  • Temptation
  • Seducers Gaze
  • Earthshaker Sexuality
  • Physicality Shifter Sexiness
  • and Sultan (For Mogul)

I think it may be a bit Iron Throne-ish because I forgot about the healing subs but I didn’t want want to just blow such a chunk of money like that because of excitment. First time ever spending that much of my own money lol. I added Mogul and Sultan because hey I still have to be able to afford the life I want to live.

I’m truly excited :grin:


@NewLease When did you order it?


@NewLease Have fun. Enjoy the custom sub. I have a feeling you will have interesting experiences.


Sunday sometime after 5 I think.


Thanks I believe I will too. :+1:


The Custom Sub is definitely potent. Last night when listening to it I went to bed early because I really wanted to sleep. I read somewhere where Saint said its the Name Embedding. Its undeniable that its working. Last night I started having dreams but can’t remember what they were about.


Got my custom this morning gonna smash it :):grin: I am using terminus edition.


You are gonna smash it :+1:I’m using regular Q


Very excited to start mine when it arrives


looking forward to reading about.


Okay so it seems the manifestation in my custom sub is kicking in. Saw a girl in a fast food restaurant. She was wearing a mask but I could tell she was pretty, had a nice figure too. But I couldn’t do anything. The first thing that popped into my head was what if this goes wrong and what would other people think if this went wrong. The possibility of things going well didn’t even enter my mind. Didn’t even occur.


I have a belief about myself that girls won’t like me and it has turned into the belief that I’m suppose to be alone. I am going to try play the sub on set and for get to see if I can cause a break through.


That girl would have become obessed with you by now, if you had just approached


Doesn’t feel that way. That’s what I need to get passed.


What exactly do you believe makes you feel this way?
i.e. Looks/ Fashion/ Don’t know what to say ?


Not sure, I just never felt good enough.


I wonder if there are any healing aspects to the core subs. Because I just had a crazy dream.

I was a part of a mafia family or I was doing business with the mob, not sure which one and things went bad. They wanted me to meet “The Repairman” a member of the family that was just as feared as The Head. I went into the room and The Repairman seemed polite enough but I wasn’t buying it and I was right not to. I ran and he just became a different person. If you remember Batman The Animated Series, it was similar to Harvey Dent turning into Big Bad Harv. I ran and found myself at a dead end and then I used my spirit powers to blow a hole through the roof (IDK). I ran, jumped, hide in the shadows made it on the road and ran down the hill at around 50 mph.

Found myself at a restaurant, went to the outside eating area and climbed the hillside to safety. Things were fine until I used a phone that I borrowed because mine was destroyed to call the only member of the crime family I thought was on my side. Surprise he wasn’t and he traced my call and I wound up back at the mansion somehow fighting a giant robot.

Woke up before the fight was over.


Been doing some reading and I believe I figured out what my problem is. I want the results so much that I am not focused at all on improving myself to get them. I’m not approaching the situation from the perspective of who I want to be, the type of man I want to be. I need to look at it from the point of learning with experience being the teacher. I need to stop being dependent on results and focus on improvement.


Last night I had the craziest dream ever.

It was a war between Christians and the rest off the world. I was on the side of the Christians and I was about to lose and then I called down fire from Heaven. I then found myself in space where I see nearly half the world scorched. However the Death Star from Star Wars survived the flames and started chasing us through space. Then I woke up.

Anyway one thing I have noticed a part from the crazy dreams is that the manifestation works. So after work instead of going straight home I’m going to stop at the mall for food. When I see a girl I like I don’t care if she’s in a group, by herself, or if its crowded, I’m saying something to her. I’ll post how it went later on tonight.


There has to be a healing element to the core sub. I have ascension core and i have had some very odd dreams related to family.