Are there any subs without esoteric magical manifestations inside?


What the title says ?


Every sub that doesn’t have “manifest” or “attract” in its sales page.


Thank you I will check but if @SaintSovereign could let me know for sure I’d be greatful


Esoteric magical manifestions. Not ambiguous at all. :wink:

There are no rituals or magick or things like that in the subs, since SubClub does not want to force any such things on people that have objections to them.

Anything you perceive as manifesting in your life happens because the subs fine-tune your internal antenna. Through repetition, the creation of a positive mindset and making you more aware of the things that matter to you, you are teaching yourself to start noticing opportunities and lose the internal resistance to acting on those opportunities. This is all science-backed, it’s just how the brain works.

Whether those opportunities are drawn into our lives by the Law of Attraction or placed there by some superior being or mystical power is not something the subliminals govern. All the subs help you do is see them and act on them. If you want more, perform whatever practice you believe is appropriate in addition to the subs.


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I see what you are saying brother and I understand it completely
But how about " The alchemist " subs ?


@EnToPan, I wondered about these issues myself when I first came to SubClub in late 2018… I’m not into occultic practices or beliefs myself.

@SaintSovereign said that the major subs at that time (Ascension, Ascended Mogul, Limitless, Emperor, and all the sexual subs) had no spiritual components. I was informed that the Alchemist lineup had such components, and if I didn’t want such scripting, to stay away from those.


The Alchemist is not designed to provide you with “powers” while you sit on the couch. It has not been charged in any way, not even with biofields or the likes. At least not to the best of my knowledge.

What the Alchemist scripting does is challenge your subconscious to start thinking that there is more to life than what we see. It asks your subconscious to explain what coincidence is, what synchronicity means to you, if you believe in energy and entities that consist of and/or manipulate energy. It asks if you believe that such abilities are possible and if so, how would you be able to do it?

Your subconscious abhors a vacuum. It needs a satisfactory answer. So it starts looking for the answers to all those questions, those big questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.

And that sets you on a journey.

You find yourself on the Interwebz looking for the pro’s and con’s of meditation and visualization, you may suddenly remember that when you were younger you were very interested in some form of chanting or energy manipulation like Tai Chi or Chi Gong. You start wondering what’s out there. If you are not religious, you may think if there are some principles or lessons within religions that you can borrow to form your own opinion. You may start seeing the beauty in things in nature, or start seeing patterns and geometric shapes that you never noticed before.

So it doesn’t perform anything special on you, it just confronts you with the big questions that you never really take the time think about. It opens you mind to the possibilities of the unseen and drives you to find a way to explain those.

It questions and tries to help you discover the spiritual identity that you identify with, whatever that may be.

In the case of @Joa93, he went in believing it would help him get into a serious Tantric practice, and found himself in a series of emotional conflicts within himself, leading to a few epiphanies, and ended up strengthening his romantic and sexual relationship.

In my case, I became super-interested in how people practice spiritually, asking all kinds of practitioners a legion of questions and finally got more serious about my meditation, qigong and a specific practice that’s supposed to open my third eye to help me perceive auras. People feel my Reiki is stronger now that I’m getting out of my own way and am open to the possibility that it is more than belief leading to a placebo effect and might just really work. My concept of time as a rigid/static thing is changing into something more relative and fluid.

None of it is because of someone’s influence over me, but rather simply being challenged to be curious again, to think without judgment about questions that may or may not have an answer.

Every subliminal has a suggested action to take to support it. With Alchemist that is establishing some form of spiritual practice. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. If you don’t, it is likely to act like a 4-stage healing subliminal, working less on the physical and more on the emotional level (that tends to be inevitable when you ask all those big questions). But if you do establish a spiritual practice that you identify with, who knows what might happen when you get out of your own way?


I wish I had half of your writing skills
Maybe in the future we can have a Dark Philosopher sub :smile:
I really appreciate the time you took to try and explain me , and if I understood corectly the subconscious mind will only work with the things you would like consciously to change
And if there are some suggestions that you wouldn’t want they simply won’t register ?


You’re most welcome. I worked hard to be called a philosopher.

If Fire ever lets people near his secret hard drive partition, I do think I could contribute to some products. That said, one DarkPhilosopher is more than enough, methinks. Better not create a sub making more of me.

When it comes to traditional subliminals, you can push back with your conscious mind. However, you cannot walk by a storefront every day for a year without at some point going inside to at least consider getting the product that’s being advertised. Same thing goes for TV commercials. If the message is repeated over and over long enough, at some point your conscious mind stops fighting it. I’d like to believe this is not actually weakness or fatigue but rather some part of you that says: “If you willingly expose yourself to this message a 1000 times, you must actually want it, even if you are telling me you don’t.”

After all, if you really didn’t want it, you wouldn’t have kept exposing yourself.

Modern advertising counts on it.


To work around this challenge, the SubClub subs are written in such a way that you are allowed to give your own definition.

For example, when it comes to being an alpha male, there are a lot of things that everybody agrees on. That is the foundation of an alpha male. It’s like what in dating they call “inner game.”

The SubClub subs will first give you that foundation that everybody agrees on should be there. This is necessary to give even the biggest non-alphas the right qualities, even if their conscious mind doesn’t like it. Like the advertising example above, they CHOSE to run an alpha sub, so they should accept at least the foundation, otherwise the whole sub wouldn’t work.

And if they really, really, really, don’t want it, they’ll feel so uncomfortable listening that they’ll stop listening and ask their money back. It happens. Sometimes. The world would be pretty strange if we were all alpha’s.

But… you also have your own ideas on top of that foundation.

So at that point the subliminal asks the listener what THEY believe would complete the picture, would finish up the alpha male. The listener’s subconscious collects all their internal beliefs about how an alpha would walk the walk and talk the talk, how they would dress and interact, and it starts using those ideas to finish up the transformation. Their own specific style, congruent with who they are as a person. There is the “outer game.”

This way, there’s a lot less resistance and it feels completely natural.

Your beliefs may change. You may be doing courses with dating or business gurus. At that point, the subs help you evolve to that new self-image of your alpha. Which is why subs can continue to help you grow even if you’ve already reached your goals. Your ideas change as you gain more experience in life. And the subs will help you to reflect those changes.

Consider James Bond. Most everybody agrees he’s an alpha male. He’s also been portrayed by many actors. All are James Bond. Most people have their favorite actor, someone they believe is the best James Bond.

I saw a documentary once where they said that whenever they cast someone as James Bond, that actor is able to call upon some inner part of what James should be like, they call upon their James Bond alter-ego. None are exactly the same.

In the case of Alchemist, the foundation is to heal you and awaken your ability to believe there is more than you can perceive, to bring back that curiosity about the universe you had as a child, until everybody told you all the things you couldn’t do and all the things that were impossible - over and over - until you started believing them.

The top layer is how you practice, and that is entirely up to you. The biggest atheist western scientist in the world on Alchemist may end up really enjoying the calm he experiences when practicing some mindfulness or bodyscan meditation, or martial arts or archery. Or western yoga. That’s as far as that person is willing to go in expressing their spirituality. They may have a great creativity boost and come up with game-changing inventions though.