Are there any subs that will melt away tension


Are there any subs here that will melt away tension? For example, releasing stored/trapped tension in hips, psoas, neck, shoulders?


Pretty sure they are relaxed subliminal, I would probably combine a relax sub (or module) with a good massage or something to break the tensions you have while the sub will work on not creating new ones.


Thank you. Has anyone used regeneration that they noticed tension in their body being released and you feel lighter overall?


Emperor Fitness Stage I
Stress Displacement

Those are just a few. I’ll bet there are many more. I get relaxed listening to a lot of them that don’t mention any explicit relationship to tension.

Another strategy is to work on resolving whatever underlying issues or stressors may be contributing to the tension.


Also Lion IV

Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated. The Lion module is about creating a sense of relaxed mastery in you. You will notice yourself becoming so relaxed, but at the same time an unshakable sense of power will be coursing through you. You will also massively develop your social abilities, your wit, your composure, your body language, and you will see your status steadily rising as you become more and more in tune with the Lion.


It is probably a subconscious thing. This is where Phoenix down would help.


Thank you. It isn’t that. I’m like the calmest person, where people tell me all the time how can you be so calm. You are like a rock, so still yet solid and composed. Regeneration is working great. It is definitely in my daily stack. When I introduce a sub, it is in my stack for at least 1 year. That is where I look back at all the changes and realize that I am growing and know that I will continue to grow. It takes many many years depending people’s upbringing and experiences to overcome/adapt/learn/face/accept/let go /forgive/love/release all the detrimental programming that one goes through directly and indirectly. I feel blessed to have everyone here in my life. Even those who haven’t joined here or come to this site yet. Thank you everyone for everything. I greatly appreciate the feedback and the support.