Are any SC subs polymorphic?


Does SC use polymorphic scripting in any of its subliminals?

I ask since I’m on Ascension v.2, and a suggestion for a new sub was shared which sounded like a polymorphic sub. I’m wondering since I’ve had my BIGGEST changes on polymorphic subs.

And my understanding is polymorphic subs may give different results for each person since it adapts itself to each person’s needs. For example, a person with sexual abuse history may feel more assertive around abuser types vs. an orphan with major abandonment issues choosing to be comfortably alone despite all previous life survival habits where they “needed” to be with other people constantly.

My actual experience is from using an emotional detox sub. I did NOT think that me lying to myself was so critical, but that’s exactly what it focused on during that time in my life. My whole life changed since after a month on this sub, I pulled out of so many social settings and norms; I’d regularly lied to myself first, then to others, so when this norm was taken away, all I knew at that time was…lying. I just couldn’t do that anymore. I found myself becoming unusually honest with everyone, and after a month or so, I began enjoying it. Lying takes a LOT of work, and I really liked the freedom. That was really BIG for me; a major life turning point.


By their nature, our subliminals will drive you to question yourself. And this is why they are so intensely effective when combined with action - as you question yourself, you realize how you want to be, and become so.

The changes are actual, real changes that stay with you, because they do not force you into a specific mindset or way of acting, or overlay your behavior with an idea of behavior. They change you directly, in the way that is best for you and that you drive it in. You cannot become a powerful man by being forced or deceived into it - only by forging yourself into one.

Hence, asking if any SC subs are polymorphic is unnecessary. They already work the best way they can with you - but you need to drive the action.

And if one hasn’t taken action yet, eventually the subliminals will drive him to do so.


Thanks Fire. I like your answer. Especially about me taking action in my life.

In fact, I’m heading out to go to an AlAnon meeting now. I’ve not been going to meetings in months since I was so used to putting on a mask.

Last Sunday I went, and I stuck to my commitment to not go and lie to look good. I never even spoke in the meeting :). I may go and tell on myself tonight about this, depending on if I feel comfortable with the crowd. But I’m going to learn sane living tools. And to feel ok with myself. Bye for now.