Archetypes and Subliminals


This is more of a rambling post than anything else. But am sure most of you will find it enjoyable.

Some of you are aware of the idea of “King Warrior Magician Lover” based on the book of the same name written by Robert Moore and Doug Gillette.

These 4 Archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover) are something we all see in the external world.

Previously we had actual Kings, then his soldiers and knights who were his Warriors. We had Casanova-like figures who were the Lovers (will also include highly social people in this group who were courtiers in those days). And we had the advisors, alchemists, healers, farmers, and all other workers who were the Magicians.

Present day is also littered with these Archetypes who are updated to be respectively: Politicians/TheRich, Soldiers, Pickup Artists and Workers (Artists, Professors, Doctors, Businessmen, Engineers and all types of workers because work is actually the magic of converting thoughts/words/actions to money. And knowledge itself is coveted by magicians and that’s why we try to climb the career ladder by increasing our knowledge through books, seminars and other forms of learning. Learning and the learned man like Merlin are Magicians)

So why am I mentioning all this in this forum? Well partly it is to draw a connection to the subliminals we have (which I will do in a moment) and partly to show off haha.

Before I draw a connection to the subliminals, there is an interesting connection between the book “King Warrior Magician Lover” and the books written by our favorite author Robert Greene. Check this out:

King - The 48 Laws of Power, The 50th Law
Warrior - The 33 Strategies of War
Magician - Mastery
Lover - The Art of Seduction

(I have yet to read his latest book “The Laws of Human Nature” so I don’t know where that will stand. Most probably I would guess Magician cause it is related with knowledge.)

Impressed? LOL. Well I did impress myself when I came to that conclusion.

Moving on, all of us have these Archetypes inbuilt in us. When we focus on our leadership skills, we are channeling the King. When we debate or fight, we call on the Warrior. In matters of love, lust and being a social butterfly, we move with the Lover. And in matters of learning, work and money, we bring to the fore our Magician.

So aside from reading Robert Greene’s books (among other books) to improve our Archetypes, what other tools do we have here? That’s right. The subliminals. And some of you might have already drawn the connection to what Archetype we are improving with which SubClub subliminal. So here we go:

King - Khan, Emperor, Ascension, Power Can Corrupt, Ascended Mogul
Warrior - Spartan, Muay Thai Mastery
Magician - Ultimate Artist, Mogul, Limitless, Alchemist, Ecstacy of Gold, Gaming Mastery, Regeneration
Lover - Sex Mastery, Sex and Seduction, Primal, Daredevil, True Social

Although Khan and Ascended Mogul overlaps more than one archetype we will group them with the King cause the kings usually have it all :wink:. (Infact almost all Archetypes and Subliminals do overlap in some way or form because we live in the physical world and we are just classifying them in an abstract way to simplify and understand them)

So basically, these subliminals accelerate the development of our inner Archetypes and that is why we inherently know and seek self-improvement in all these fields

Hope you enjoyed this small essay I had taken the time to write. Possibly it will inspire someone just as it inspires me to be the best I can be.


I do hope he managed to finish the last book in its entirety before the universe gave him his stroke. I really only have read 48 Laws, considering going for Mastery next. Although Human Nature is something that interests me. Maybe that one third. 50th Law is not just Mr. Half Dollar’s autobiography, is it?


@DarkPhilosopher - haha yes. The 50th Law is 50 Cent’s er… 2 cents on his life. But it was surprisingly good. I quite liked it.

Whatever he does, hope he lives a long, happy and healthy life.

PS: he has finished The Laws of Human Nature and I even purchased the book. Not read it though. But I don’t know what he is working on now.


@Hermit - check the first post in this thread and see if you can relate to the way it is done.


@HappyHero - since you are an INFJ, you might get a kick out of the first post in this thread too. So tagging here


I read “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” many years ago.

Right now I am running Spartan, Primal, Power Can Corrupt and Ultimate Artist, so by your categorization I am running one from each of the fundamental archetypes. I hope to create some balance in my life.

Just because people seem to be sharing Meyers-Briggs types, I am an INTP.


@dorfmeister - now that’s something! A very unique stack too. I hope you do achieve the desired balance.

And hello INTP!