Appropriate volume for Ultrasonic file on iPhone


If I figure this out, I can add an extra 6 hours to my daily listen time!

I’m interested in running Khan/TS Ultrasonic on my iPhone. I see people here talking about decibel ranges (often checked with FrequenSee) when talking about appropriate ultrasonic volume, but I’d like to know what other iPhone users have done in terms of volume settings. On an iPhone, you can change the volume in step increments using the up/down buttons. I just checked, and 16 is the highest number of steps (16 = 100% volume, 0 = 0% volume).

With that in mind, how many steps is the lowest volume that’d be appropriate if I wanted to have the phone play the ultrasonic file through its speakers while it’s next to me in bed?


I use it on iPhone speakers at about 11 so not maximum of course - never felt headache - but be careful when others are around you.


11 is quite loud…thought I might be able to use 8 or lower. Have you been feeling changes at this volume?


of course - basically because I am listening to music in parallel.


I was wondering if this would work:

Put the ultrasonic on at MAX volume next to my bed while I wear ear plugs during my sleep.


Would you still be able to hear with ear plugs? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of playing subs?

Instead, why not play masked at night?