Aphantasia- Subs to overcome?


aphantasia - where you can’t see images in your mind’s eye. Science assumes we have different brain structures and lack the ability to do it.

From the book “Monsters and Magical Sticks” its said it’s a blocked system. We seen something at a time in the past that was to painful, etc. So our subconscious puts down like a curtain so we can consciously see our mental images but they’re still playing in the background, affecting us.

Any suggestions on subs that may help? I thought rebirth but that is to help overcome sticky past shit preventing sub work.

I don’t know much about mental alchemy but would that involve a lot of visuals? Is something in the works to strengthen the mind’s eye, etc? I think being about to see images, hear sounds, taste tastes and feel sensations in an imaginary sense would be cool.


I’ve conducted a bit of research on this myself, and based off what I found, it seems that mainstream “science” may be on to something this time – your ability to do this (or lack thereof) is the result of your cognitive functions. The best way to determine your cognitive function stack is taking the MBTI. There’s a lot of naysayers regarding the MBTI, but experience has been the exact opposite. I’ve used the MBTI to do some incredible things, like building teams that worked incredibly well together.

Anyway, it appears that the various cognitive stacks process their inner thoughts in incredibly different ways, even the stacks that SEEM similiar (such as INTP and INTJ). For example, I am an INTP, and I think in incredibly vivid images, sounds, etc. Not only that, but my thoughts have a cohesive “narrative,” for lack of a better way to describe it. If we were to have a conversation and you asked me, “what are you literally seeing in your mind’s eye right now,” my answer would probably leave you baffled, because the visuals are abstract, and rooted in a personal mythology. We could be talking about how to optimize a marketing funnel, and I’m seeing mountains with the sun gleaming over it – and to me, it makes PERFECT sense.

Meanwhile, those who score as “sensors,” (ESFP, for example) tells me that they don’t “see” anything. They “think in words,” which is completely alien and foreign to me. My ex-girlfriend was an ESFP and she told me that she literally sees nothing, but “hears” things instead. Because of that, she lives completely in the moment, since she’s not “processing images” and the such.

Mental Alchemy DOES involve visuals, but that’s probably because those with strong visualization abilities tend to be drawn to the art more than those without. There’s definitely a way for those without visualization skills to be a mental alchemist – it seems to involve more kinesthetic elements – like dancing, drumming, singing, all physical things that can send you into trance.

We’re including scripting to strengthen the mind’s eye in The Alchemist.


I’m an INTJ, I see vivid things, I have a personal mythology, but for a marketing funnel and such, I would see more of a map of the funnel, with little people going into it, from stage to stage etc. So, like Tesla, my metaphors are more “mechanical”. Which makes sense, since for INTPs, abstract truth is the most important, while for INTJs, what works, what functions is the truth.

That’s why, Einstein as an INTP had that dream of himself chilling on top of a photon going at light speed, while Tesla, an INTJ, was building machines and letting them run in his mind’s eye to see where the wear and tear would happen, and modified them there etc.

As an INTJ, my ability to connect all knowledge to create models of what works in reality has been on overdrive when I used Limitless.


Thanks for reply, whatever the cause may be I know at least some is able to overcome it and start seeing. Just have to put in the work. Looking forward to The Alchemist will seem helpful with the mind’s eye strengthening. Till then I better start image streaming as that seems to work.


It’s nice to see you guys talk about MBTI I used to be very intrested in it. It doesn’t suprise me that you are an INTP Saint. I think tha most people around here are intuitives. I guess as an ISTP I will be one of the few sensors around here.


I am INTP too.

Took me some time to understand that the images of demons I sometimes saw in my head in front of my eyes were a representation of energies I was feeling. Demonizing them - literally. One of them was masculine dominant power. Didn’t like it as I literally saw demons flashing right by my eyes, lol.

Women do actually all have that in their neurology anyway (not just due to the type). Words are feelings to women. The more colorful the language, the more she feels from you. Especially if you add two words together instead of one like ‘‘overwhelmingly exhilirating’’.

I remember me telling something with two words that usually aren’t heard together and I put her in trance. I just noticed how she stopped and dropped in her body.

Edit: Specified that I saw images of demons in my head, not demons in real life. That woud be completely different problem, lol.


Are thou Ross Jeffries, David Ryker or Vince Kelvin?


On a serious note, I always seem to hover between ENTP and INTP (taking 5 years between retaking the test).