Apex Prime customs

Here we go, got my first custom. The plan is to build 2 customs that I can listen indefinitely to keep improving and evolving myself. I named it Apex Prime, Apex is for mindset/frame/wealth, Prime is mostly for health/physic/sex.

My current stack is
EmpQ x2
LDQ x1
Rest up to 6 hrs
PrimeQ x2 (previously SMQ)
LDQ x1

Monday to friday, masked during the day, weekend off.

I went for the Prime first, I’m listening to Emp since v4 was released and I think I just start reaping the benefits of this massive sub.
Here is what I built with money I can spare for now.

Core 1:
Emperor Fitness ST4 Core
Goal: overall health, physic, get lean at 80kg/15%bf
Hope with exposure going straight to St4 was a right choice.
Supporting modules:
Facial Morphing
For improving facial features
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Overall physical improvements
Male Enhancement
I’d like to think of this module as a overall reproductive organs improver plus adding couple cms in length and girth would be always nice.
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
I’m sure there is work and improvements to be done that I would appreciate in a long run.
Serum X
Recovery, healing.

Core 2:
Sex Mastery XQ Core
Goal: sexual performances
Supporting modules:
Earthshaker - Sexuality
To solidify my sexual presence.
Long-Range Seduction
I’m familiar with the concept and would like to subconsciously internalize it.
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Stamina. Even though SMQ helps, it’s still nothing close to when I was supplementing with black raw maca so if I can do it with supplements I can do it with the sub.
Aura of Craving
Key component to the Sex God mode, if you ask me.

To complete the sub I’m planning to add
Core 3:
Spartan Core
I use it while working out or when reconciliation hits me hard with just one loop I feel much better. I believe it will be a good overall addition to EmpFit Core.

Result enhancements and other supporting modules:
The Merger of Worlds
Will include those in both of my customs.

2 slots left need to come up with something good.


Did a 2 loops test run and immediately after found myself in a state that I experienced only few times in my life. Last time I was in this state is when I checked out of the hospital and took a long walk home. I remember being totally present, aware of my environment, very calm, at peace and harmony with myself realizing something very dear to me. That day I had a paradigm shift and that was 7 years ago. In previous cases I knew exactly what led to this but today I do not, just the end result, being in that state.

It’s fading away now and was strong for about 4hrs.


Had a wtf moment. Yesterday when I was writing about the reason behind choosing PPE module I compared the performance with SMQ and when I was supplementing with maca. The difference is SMQ gives me control to cool down so to speak when coming close to a point of no return and I had to go at certain pace where on maca the point of no return is delayed and I could go at any pace longer till I need to consciously cool down. So later that day and today it was exactly like that. Yet again it tells me that clear goals are the key but just after two loops, really?

What did you feel when you were taking Maca, less sensitivity and refractory period? Were you able to last longer than you could and the energy. Please elaborate and what was your dosage like?

Got exited in the last post so it might be confusing.

When I was on maca I had high libido, good overall energy levels, up to 100% EQ, the sensitivity and sensations was all there no numbness or anything, refractory period was way shorter depending on the partner tho. Lasting for 40 to 60 minutes (that’s the usual sweet spot for me after that it gets tiring) at any chosen pace and position without distracting myself to cool down and breaking the moment was easy and I had to consciously want to finish, like an orgasm on demand.

I was taking it for 2 month 5 times a week no more than a table spoon per dose with my morning tea or warm water, the benefits started fading away one month after I stoped using it.

Now it’s all back since I start listening to the custom even the on demand part which was the only thing missing on SMQ.


Had an interesting dream last night, brushing my hair with my hands noticing pieces of outer onion layers falling down then couple very long hair one of them very rigid in a zigzag shape both with strong white roots.

How is your stamina now with PE on Day 3?

Have you ever tried black maca in capsules?

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Going strong so far.
Nope never did, only organic raw black maca powder.

So after a week of listening I’ve noticed one thing which is reconciliation hits me hard on the second day of the break I guess that’s how I react to Q subs 5 days in a row feeling fine then first day of the break also good and boom small worries and fears start to surfacing here and there, irritated, pissed off at people, both close and random. I can deal with it without any drama but I need to be left by myself immediately in order to do so. I’m wondering if it’s a constant input mode Saint mentioned and I don’t have enough time for processing and output.
I’m going to add one more break day mid week and see how it goes.

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