Anyway I can change my username to "FormerMasterOfSelfSabotage"


This name has been resonating with me.


It seems you bought too many subliminals. Impossible to get them to work considering the lack of exposure time and the density of the scripts.


hahaha. That’s a pretty long name. Maybe we could just call you ‘Form’ for short?

on a more serious note, I personally reject the notion of self-sabotage. Mostly because I think it’s an example of itself.

I would write more on that but I’m trying not to sabotage my work-flow right now. :wink:


Yes, Self Sabotage is beneath me now! Hence i add a prefix of former to my desired name.


If you’re over it, then don’t “identify yourself” with it.

No one cares what you were in the past.
Who are you becoming?