Anyone noticing increased synchronicity and/or manifestations since running SC products?


I’ve been itching to ask this question for a few weeks now.
My manifestation power is steadily increasing for a few months now, and I am experiencing increased synchronicities, at a steady rate too.

Now the only thing that drastically changed in my lifestyle and habits recently was using SC products. And I’m not even talking about The Alchemist because I haven’t started using it yet.

Also, I was part of the New Down experiment and I noticed the same things happening. Actually I wonder if that steady increase in synchronicities did start from there.

Any thoughts?


@Orion I have noticed an increase in manifestations, both in speed and amount.
Ive noticed an increase in synchronicities too.
The other thing thats happening a lot its that my girlfriend and me knows eachother thoughts, she says something and Im just thinking about it, viceversa.
The only thing that im really doing different in lifestyle/habits is using SC subs. Well the only thing I officially set out to do different because Im doing many things differently since I started subs as a result of them.

Im on ST1 of Alchemist and my previous sub was Regeneration (wich was also my first one)


Same here. While I cant say if this is just from the subs, it somehow brought me back to manifestation and practicing it as a lifestyle (I have a thread about that here btw)
I dont know how to describe it really but my manifestations are somehow different than before.


probably it has something to do with the healing part…when you are healed …you wouldn’t have something to hold you back…


This is a true “super power”.

Could you give some examples of what made you notice that your manifestation power is increasing, @Orion?


@Orion - in addition to what @AMASH asked, what subs and at what combination/ratio have you been listening to? Also, what have you been manifesting? Money? Women? Opportunities?


Experiencing increased synchronicity is a bit hard to explain, especially since they happen on mundane things. To put it simply: I think of something very briefly, I forget about it and BOOM either I see patterns of that thought crippling in reality multiple times throughout the day or the following days, or the thoughts outright manifest itself.
These things happen on thoughts you easily forget, so you’d have to literally keep a journal to track the occurrences, but all I know is that I’ve repeatedly had a lot of “Hey, but I just thought of that today” since a few months and it keeps on increasing. People into LOA will know what I am talking about.
The last time I experienced something similar was during a heavy period of meditation years ago.

Now the thing that dissuaded me that something “different” is happening is that I’ve been encountering these famous magick and angels numbers a lot lately. It started about two weeks ago. I used to think of angel numbers and such as new agey stuff and people forcing themselves to see things but this is just odd…

@d1gz: I’ve been running Limitless mostly. What I have been manifesting? Whatever I focus on briefly. Yesterday’s occurrence was about a company I was reviewing. I did the basic google search about it and went on with my day. The following hour I saw two times its name in patterns and latter that night I got a connection request from someone working at that company on LinkedIn. And it isn’t even a well-known one. Just a random one between thousands.
Besides that, opportunities yes. That’s kinda the thing with synchronicities.

I’ve been considering to take some days to visualize daily and try to manifest something big.
Also I’m documenting myself on these numbers things cuz it’s getting pretty weird.


It is impressive you’re manifesting so much with just Limitless.

I think this could be interesting for some people: cc @DarkPhilosopher @ExploringAstronaut @Joa93


Pretty interesting and I do notice lots of similarities with Alchemist, I guess Ive been focusing more in the emotional change aspects of the experience.
Its a good thing Im adding Limitless to ST2 then :sunglasses:
With the lady we know what the other is thinking so frequently since ST1, that we got used to it.


Pretty impressive indeed! All the while I thought Limitless was focused more on learning stuff. Maybe somehow you got an early version of Quantum Limitless? But in either case, maybe you already have some talent inherent in you, and the sub just helped you bring it out?


@d1gz Inherent talent makes a lot of sense to tell you the truth. Besides I remember reading in the description that Limitless has unconscious modelling of abilities wich requieres a heightened state of awareness and that seems useful for tapping into the manifestation powers and learning from the ones that had already master the powers.


I think the issue arises when we consciously put restraints to the sub scope. “Seduction sub” “Money sub” “Alpha sub” you get the picture. I know from a selling perspective its a requierement, so Im talking about us consumers here.

If you heal a trauma and/or change a deeply rooted negative belief you cant really know how its going to affect your life in the broader sense. Life does not follow our arbitrary distinctions.

To give you an example, yesterday I made the smoothest sale ever, connection was awesome, I quickly mapped the persons values, beliefs and needs and told her how my services satisfied all of that, she loved it!

Im not listening to any “sales subs” but if selling that service to her is part of my spiritual path then Alchemist was preparing me for that too.
The belief about money not being spiritual or being “evil” got dissolved. I wasnt looking for money or business changes but there you go, Im experiencing a boost in that area.

It is impressive you’re manifesting so much with just Limitless.

I think it is impressive @AMASH , but I would phrase it differently, remove the “just” after all it is called Limitless.:joy:


You are so right :wink:

But then again, we are all waiting for QUANTUM Limitless…