Anyone else found Rebirth reduces reconcilation discomfort?


My usage history: 3 months of mostly Ascension Ex Machina at night, sometimes more on the weekends.

Out of curiosity, I picked up Rebirth and tried running it at the end of a night of sleep after running Emperor Extreme the whole night. When I’ve tried running Emperor Extreme in the past, I’ve felt awful when I woke up, but both of the last 2 nights using Rebirth along with it I’ve felt no negative effects. Anyone else found that Rebirth gets rid of the negative feelings from reconciliation?


Thank you for sharing this. I began Rebirth when I began with Ascension, so I’ve never had bad feelings rise while on it. It’s good to know I found an “easy button” for listening to challenging subliminals.

I did begin with Emperor myself, but I took Alexander’s advice to switch to Ascension. I’d been on it only 4 hours, and it wound me up and pissed me off for a short while. But no negative affects from Ascension, and I’ve slept with it running every night. 4 nights so far.

I have had almost daily revelations about why I’ve been thinking and acting like I do around other people. This is a treasure to me, for I’m finding I’ve been expecting everyone else to help me feel masculine.

Life is changing nicely on Ascension :slight_smile:


I’ve had reconciliation with Rebirth, on the first few runs, and even now from time to time. I don’t think this reduction in discomfort is generalized. Your subconscious probably really likes what it hears.

PrimalTech has made any reconciliation much more pleasant. It doesn’t compare to previous subliminals from here.