Any subliminal for masculine beauty?



Does SC offer a subliminal specific for masculine beauty?


Male version of Seductress is in the works


I know that ascension, emperor and stark q have scripts in them to enhance masculine beauty. Emperor for sure as, I became jacked when listening to emperor. Other users have experienced changes to their faces on emperor and ascension.

The Q store should go live later on this week so it might be worth holding fire to see what modules will be on offer. They may well have a module for beauty that you could use.


Like @blackadder said, do wait until the new Q Store opens up before making a decision. It will be open within a week (estimated time put forth by the SubClub creators themselves). It will have a lot of modules that one can mix and match to suit your needs. With most probably there being male beauty modules too.


I’m so excited!


Coming soon Serum X and Face morphing :smiley:


@Ibnabihatim - oh yes, how could I forget. Face Morphing is confirmed in the Q Store. And if you are interested in Male Enhancement, that is also confirmed.

@blackadder - any official info on what Serum X is?


@blackadder Do you know whether there is anything in there relating to physical changes besides “enhancing beauty”?

I’ve been running Emperor and Stark for close to a month now and just today I noticed that I see better without glasses than with them. I’ve never had any vision problems but I got these glasses just over a month ago because I was starting to get some eye fatigue, probably due to age and hours in front of the screen.

There is chance these glasses were not done properly, but I really didn’t notice anything wrong with them until today…if this is a result of the subliminal it would be incredible!


To be brutally honest I have no idea what is in the scripts. I can only tell you about my experiences whilst running emperor for nearly 9 months. Its very possible that what you are experiencing is a side effect of the healing scripts.


Raphael we should get information on serum x tomorrow. I can only make an educated guess at this stage. Now I am guessing whatever Fire and Saint have in store, is a digital serum that can be listened to and causes the body to increase muscle mass at a rapid rate like a steriod. Its what some refer to as the hulk effect.


@blackadder - hmm yes. Serum X must be most probably related to the super-soldier serum that captain America took. So definitely muscle mass. Also, since SaintSovereign said Saturday (in America) it will most probably be Sunday for us.


@raphael I am at the airport will be back probably monday look foreward to buying my Q custom prod then.


@blackadder - safe trip