Any Inner Circle testimonials?


Anyone has Inner Circle testimonials or success stories to share? And I’m also wondering if that would do me any good to add it to Emp Q. Especially since we’re all quarantined, it’s not like we’re going to go out and meet people anyway.

Any good success stories though?


I have been using Inner Circle for about a month now. Not that I met lots of new people useful to me instantly. But it made me realize there are lots of people you already know can be of great value to you but you never thought of it. When I asked for help from these people I realized that I do have a good support system, all I have to do is to ask.

I am excited to see how things will go after the quarantine is over! I believe the effects will be even more portent


Yes very much so - but I listened to Emperor or Stark which both have Inner Circle included. I manifested everything from people who help me with my problems, to people who know people who contact them to help me, to finding role models on Instagram which helped me change my style and vibe.


I’m debating adding it to Emp Q.