Any Extroverts out there?


I have a question of just pure curiosity. Are there any full on extroverts out there, or maybe I should call them natural entertainers that love being the center of attention? It seems a lot of us are introverts, shy, nice guys.

But what I’m wondering is how subs have affected the “entertainers”. Did you become even more outgoing? Did you become sharper and more on point with your outgoing-ness. Or did you realize maybe you were being too much of an entertainer and pull it back a bit?


Interesting. Maybe the natural extroverts do not look for subliminals, or they do not hang out on internet forums all the time. They are literally “out there” - enjoying their life. :thinking:


I think they’d use subliminals, like using cologne. But probably would not spend a lot of time hanging in an online forum.


I’m what people called a learned extrovert if that makes sense. I was born an introvert and 3 years ago I became a full extrovert if that’s even a thing. What i’m saying is i’ve done actions, met people and went to events that eventually made me an extrovert. Now to answer question, yes it does subliminals literally make your life 10x times better. A good example would be of an average but good looking extrovert becoming an amazing and good looking extrovert.


Thanks for the response!

I’d say over the years, I’ve become an introverted extrovert. I can socialize with the best of them. But then I still need my introverted time to recharge after any “event”

And if i push hard, doing extroverted action for days on end I just crash and need to disappear for a couple days.


Subliminal made me more balanced, I am extroverted, can have the attention on me and take a lot of space Hahaha but men, when I’m in the zone don’t try to stop me, I have so much dopamine in my brain I talk to anybody and loooove that so much… I’M HIGH!