Anxiety feeling after listening to S&S

Yesterday I listened for the first time to S&S v2 masked for an hour during the day and part of the night. I noticed I started feeling anxious yesterday evening, and when I woke up today I still felt the same. I noticed during the day that this anxious feeling affected my voice a litlle bit and just my well being overall.

My question is: Has this happend to more people using S&S since it’s such a powerful sub and it has aura stuff which takes the body some time getting used to? Otherwise I just explain it as a reconcilation process, which wouldn’t be suprising.


It happened to me a couple of times.

I took a break and continues the next day.

I found that after about 3 weeks, I don’t feel those anymore.

I let SS play for much much longer than 2 hours a day. But if that is all you can, it is of course much better than not listening to it at all.

I say take some rests until the anxiety goes away, then return to listening. Never give us.

And SSS v2 masked does not have the aura. The aura is in version 2.1


It does, most of our subs have an aura included that is helping the overall execution (for example learning aura on Limitless) but which isn’t the focus (ie it’s helping the overall subliminal rather than being in the spotlight, so to speak), while for 2.1 we created a whole new experimental tech module for the aura, ie Aura X, and ramped up the focus on it a bit.

It will take some time. As @AMASH mentioned, try taking a rest and then continuing, or you can just continue listening.

Usually it’s just a mild reconciliation process and goes away with listening, soon after to be replaced by confidence that doesn’t go away. Nothing to worry about.


Thank you Fire for your input.

Could you please explain how can there be a learning Aura?

Are you able to learn things faster when they are within your Aura? Or do people get from you the Aura that you’re a Scholar?

This was unclear.


It’s an aura that energetically is meant to help you with studying. I cannot disclose exactly how, but it enhances one’s ability to remember, focus, etc.

But, it also has synergy with the mentor attracting module, allowing it to both manifest and attract mentors in a much greater capacity. Makes them see you as a one in a million student willing to learn and awakens the desire to teach you everything they know.



Thank you. I have not attracted “flesh and blood” mentors. But the books and courses I have stumbled upon since starting Limitless have been life-changing.

I am reading a book just now that is blowing my mind and answering questions I have always had.

I am looking forward to Primal. Please, no matter what, do not rush with it. Give us the best product you are capable of giving. You have not promised a release date, so there is no problem for us to wait more days or even weeks for something we will benefit from and use for months and months.

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Oke guys, thnx for helping out.


12-10-18 @ 8:45 PM;
Care to share with us the name of the book?


“Based on over 120 scientific studies. The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining attraction with women.”



I started listening to s&s as soon as it was released. In the beginning I attracted lots of women and i felt nicely relaxed and excited when talking to people. Ahh what a wonderful feeling that was. Then after a while when I switched to 2.1 version, I would be sitting at my desk at work and a coach would sit next to me and I would start to feel anxious when making eye contact. I couldn´t understand why this was happening, I was a bit shocked that I would feel anxious having eye conact with other people.

At times, I would try to make eye conact and it would just feel off, people would avoid making eyeconact. This until I stopped listening to the subliminal. Then all this disappeared and I returned to normal. I am glad because connecting with people is so much easier and satisfying with eye contact.

I contacted support but never received an answer, guess the guys are really busy haha! Thanks for starting this topic!

btw; I note down my experience in a hand written journal it gives me some time for self reflection at the same time. What are you doing to keep track of the changes?