Anonymous Orders

I’ve been thinking about ordering one of the products, but when I try to do so, I’m blocked with a “403 Forbidden” from Wordfence, I’m assuming because of my use of Tor. I prefer to stay anonymous wherever/whenever possible for various reasons, so I was wondering if I were to submit a support ticket or something of the sort a solution could be worked out. Would gift cards or cash by post be acceptable options?
Thanks for answers


I’m tagging @SaintSovereign and @Fire for this.

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Unfortunately, we do not have an option for completely anonymous orders at this time. We are going to eventually offer payment by crypto, where you wouldn’t need to enter any personally identifiable information to checkout, however, those who use crypto would need to waive their right to a refund for that very reason – we wouldn’t be able to tell if we’re dealing with a scammer or not.

We do however, offer the option to wipe your account clean of all information if you send in a support ticket requesting data erasure. That will remove your information from our database, but Stripe and PayPal will retain that information for a period of 10 years, as allowed by the GDPR for financial transactions.

Also, please do not abuse the data erasure request option. People have attempted this before – purchase products, demand refunds, try to erase their account and do it again thinking we won’t catch it. We don’t have to. Stripe does using whatever information they retain and will block the sale / inform us of the potential fraud.

Cash by post / gift cards wouldn’t work, as our accountant service wouldn’t be able to track those sales for tax purposes.


Alright, thanks for your answer. I will be looking forward to that day.