An Interesting Idea?


What do you guys think about listening to subliminals while closing your eyes and imagining your in past places/situations. Like my childhood home. Or the park by my childhood home. Places where my early subconscious mind has spent a lot of time in. Meaningful places in my past. My thoughts on this is that if i’m accessing my memories that are deeper in my subconscious, then I’ll be putting the subliminal into those different places(deeper into my mind). Probably the older the memory the better. For example, while listening to them be thinking about my grandma’s voice singing to me at 3/4 years old. Or envisioning(remembering) myself at the lowest points in my life and letting the subliminals sink into them. What do you guys think?


I was thinking of something along the lines of imagining but slight different. I am currently in Khan Breakdown Stage. So anything social related that bothers me, I imagine the scene in my head. I don’t know if it helps in breaking down the specific limiting belief faster.


I would suggest visualizing the future goal would be more productive. It would work like superchargers do, using your intent to align your conscious and subconscious along the same path.

Your idea is to put yourself in whatever situation you need the subs to change?


Try it out and report back :wink:


It should help but difficult to do it for many hours