An important query


@SaintSovereign I read it here that a sub molds to my beliefs, and take me to that level. In that case, if I think that alchemist would bring me to a saint/shaman level of spiritual growth. Will it get me there even if I don’t believe in the gods of men?


The gods of men? Wow…

I think Alchemist is agnostic. It comes from a place that knows “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” as the Great Bard stated in the Scottish Play.

Since the existence of a deity can neither be accurately proven or dis-proven, why should Alchemist force any such belief on you? It will help you broaden your spiritual horizons, whatever that means to you.

Should you start Alchemist, I’d be curious how you interpret the word “saint” in this context. But that may be a discussion for another time.


I believe that everything in existence can be contemplated into mathematical equations. Only if we observe the phenomenon carefully. So, that’s what “God” for me. And by saint I referred to the total internal mastery that they attained. I wish to be same as them, unaffected by anything outside of me


Interesting. In order to understand the true nature of said force, you cannot take one small part and name it a deity, you would have to consider the entirety of existence as a whole in order to be able to see the nature of what it is.

It is the only true universal language, so it would make some degree of sense (pun intended). I have an app somewhere that supposedly translates my intent into a number that is understood by the universe more clearly than words. No idea what the equation/algorithm behind that is.

So do you believe in coincidences? Chaos? Or once you understand the phenomena those don’t exist anymore and are in fact a direct cause/effect?

In the line of the well-known quote that magic is simply science not yet understood, I sometimes say that if science becomes capable of resolving all currently unknown variables they would in that way be able to “predict” certain future events by following the thread. Do you think that is possible?


That’s definitely possible, predicting future is based on probablity. If one could precisely formulate the change in probablity curve (it’s the term I use for all the outcomes possible after a particular event, which are viable), then there won’t be much problem for him to find out the most likely possiblity i.e. the future.

Also, chaos simply another term for entropy. Which can be defined as (in my opinion) the randomness of a thermodynamic system. It’s property is to always increase. As randomness increases, the outcomes of a particular event deviates from what we expect as rational beings.

I hope you would know, how I’d define coincidence in these “God’s words” :wink: