An Imperial Quest


Hi all. I go by Data4 here and elsewhere, and I thought I’d start a journal here after purchasing Emperor yesterday and immediately getting started with it. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on starting a journal until I had a few more days under my belt, but my mind was changed after today (more on that later).

First, I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I know this would probably be better posted in the Introductions forum, but I feel like it will help frame my mindset for getting Emperor and starting on this subliminal experience if I give an idea of who I am and what my experiences have been up to this point. I’ll try to keep this part as concise as I can, though I’ve been known to ramble.

I consider myself a bit of a student of self improvement, though I’d rate my success as being underachieving for most of the time I’ve actively pursued it. The main reason is because I’ve been too guilty of letting outside influences get in my way. Over the last 15 years or so, I experienced some pretty high highs and low lows, and every time I sought to make things better for myself in terms of personal development, I would let the lows basically stop me in my tracks. What’s worse is that I knew these were mental blocks-- psychological barriers I’d erected throughout my life-- yet I didn’t really know how to overcome them.

I tried the usual things, like improving my social life, or working on my professional development. I’d see gains in both, but it always seemed like there was some breakthrough just beyond the horizon, and then circumstance would pull me back. There was also the excuses, and many in fact. I’d blame my domestic situation, where I lived, how far in or out of my comfort zone I was, and a whole host of other reasons I would tell myself was the cause of my not going forward in the way or at the pace I would prefer.

Almost 3 years ago, I had a major change in my life that has been nothing but positive for me. I physically moved from one side of the country to the other, out of a new place I tried out in the 2000’s to much distress, and back to an area in which I am more at peace. It’s closer to family and the customs and traditions that I’m used to. I know from speaking with Europeans and other people from different countries that it’s hard to imagine major cultural shifts from one area of the US to another because we’re viewed from the outside in on the macro scale, but on the micro level, there are BIG differences depending on area. Some, much like my experience for the 13+ years prior, are so different that it can be unnerving, and no matter how much you try to assimilate, you find that you just don’t fit in and it’s hard to find serenity in that situation. That was my problem. A lack of peace of mind. This move was such a monumental shift that it has affected me in all sorts of ways, and all to the good.

Still, there seemed to be some of those lingering psychological barriers in the way, and this brings me to the present and why I’ve decided to look into subliminals. I’ve been familiar with them as a concept for a long time. I’ve read various reports and scientific studies demonstrating their efficacy, but I never really tried them beyond listening to a track or two here and there. Part of it is because of certain opinions I have concerning a certain niche that aligns to their use. Now, what I am about to say is not meant in any way to belittle anyone else’s beliefs and feelings concerning the subject, and are merely my own opinions. I’ve always been a bit suspect of the more esoteric concepts that seem to fall into the same or similar categories of subliminals, concious-hacking, hypnosis, etc. It’s what I call the “woo” aspect. Law of Attraction, metaphysics, and so on. I’m an engineer by trade and have always relied on what presents quantifiable evidence vs. supposition and hypertheoretical. I don’t buy into, for example, the idea that a man listening to subliminals could cause random women to be psychically attracted to him over text messages from hundreds of miles away. I don’t believe in external, illogical effects that can’t be rationally attributed to the person who was listening to the subs. Now, if a sub about bold assertiveness is being listened to and the effect on the user is to present himself as more confident and self-assured, thereby attracting a woman who finds these qualities desirable, I’m willing to take notice, because the end result still originated with a change in the sub user and not by some magical astral sparkles that connected their heart chakras over space and time.

Again, this isn’t meant to insult another’s beliefs. It’s just where I’m coming from.

But subliminals have been scientifically studied with statistically significant results. There are the examples found here on the Subliminal Club’s site. There are countless stories of things such as movie theaters embedding subs into pre-movie scenes and videos that have lead to increases in concession sales. There are the stories of department stores embedding subs into the Muzak that plays in the background that have lead to decreases in loss by theft. So for me, there’s just enough scientific data to give them a whirl. I just haven’t given it a serious look until now.

I bought Emperor because I like the holistic approach it takes to all aspects of personal development, power, and success. No doubt any one of the programs available here would be of use to me, but at my age (mid 40’s), I find I don’t have the patience to go through each, one by one, so Emperor it is.

I bought it Monday and immediately put it on a media player on my computer, playing a constant loop non-stop. I also listen to the masked track at work. I find that the white noise effect of the rain sounds listened through noise canceling headphones does a great job of isolating me in my own aural focus chamber, allowing me to concentrate on my work and let the subs do their thing. I didn’t expect to see any results for at least a week, but today changed my mind and quickly. Yes, this is where I get to the actual “Journal” part (I told you I’m prone to babbling).

Today, I had meeting on top of meeting with a sprinkling of a flash fire I had to put out, metaphorically speaking. My babbling problem extends to the spoken word, so when I’m doing a presentation, I find that I go off on tangents quite a bit. Part of it is because my thoughts seem to go a mile a minute, but my ability to articulate them plods along at a walking pace. I try to anticipate any questions anyone may ask in real time as I am speaking, and make the often futile mistake of trying to answer them in real time. The end results tends to lead to confusion and my presentations often wind up with people asking clarifying questions which leads to more babbling.

Today, I was solidly on point. I relayed all the information I had to present in a clear, logical format. I avoided assuming any potential questions, and stuck to my script. When questions did come, I answered them to everyone’s satisfaction, and I found no need to further clarify any of my points. One meeting in particular, I was there as a body present to consume information another person had to deliver. Somehow (I still can’t figure this one out), I took over the meeting but not in a hostile way. I just naturally assumed command, since I had as much if not more knowledge about the topic than the presenter, and it seemed everyone focused on me. The presenter ceded the chair to me, almost happily, as I basically became boss of the room. I’ll be honest, I was more surprised by all of this than anyone else could possibly be, and I immediately thought of the subs.

I was dominant, in control, and felt a certain subsurface power that seemed to command the respect of most everyone in the rooms at the time and this was waaaay, way out of the ordinary for me. Needless to say, I’m keeping this thing going 24/7 and will try to get as much time listening at work as possible.

Oh, and the flash fire I mentioned? It was basically a problem I had to solve in a hurry that required a lot of analysis and deductive reasoning. I put on my headphones, started the masked track, and went to work with all the tenacity of a spider weaving a web. Nothing fazed me. No apparent roadblock stopped me as I deftly found alternate routes to the solution, and the solution came relatively quick.

I believe I’ve stumbled on a sort of Philosopher’s Stone here, and I can’t wait to see how this develops further.

Thanks for reading!


Engineer you say? I think more a journalist. Keep us posted on your progress and welcome. I do like to hear the tech details so if you don’t mind sharing your setup… Welcome again. I look forward to reading more about your progress.


Thanks! As for my set up, it’s about as basic as you can get. I have a Logitech speaker setup on my PC. It’s Dolby 5.1, but I only have the front speakers (L, C, R) + the subwoofer plugged in. I’m running the sub on WinAmp, which has a nice light footprint and doesn’t disrupt anything else I do, whether its movies or games or just browsing the web. At work, I just play it off of my Samsung S8 through a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones.

I appreciate the compliment about my writing. It’s been a hobby of mine for most of my life and might end up contributing to a side-gig someday.


Welcome to Subliminal Club. I think you’ll find that if you stick around a bit, some of those pragmatic views will start to dissolve. :wink:

This is more proof toward an idea I’ve had for awhile now, but wasn’t able to quite test yet – that using a better sound system equates to better results. Something we’ll have to test for in the future.


I’m using HomePod pair to stream subs at night and it seem better than then I had just one.


Nothing major to report since my first post. I was just thinking about what would make someone see results from a sub like Emperor, and I believe a triggering effect is working under pressure. In the examples I gave, the common thread was pressure to perform, whether it was being in a meeting or solving problems. I haven’t really found myself in one of those positions since Tuesday, but I already know one is coming up Monday.

This came to me as I reflected back on the week and noticed that I didn’t really feel any different by default. There isn’t any kind of shift in perception, speed and fluidity of thought, or sense of personal power flowing through me. In fact, I feel… well, normal. This isn’t a bad thing, nor does it go against any expectations. The real test is in the reflexive actions and behaviors to outside stimuli that come unexpected or more intense than anticipated. How do you react without thinking about it or following a preset plan? This is where I think Emperor will help me in the long term.