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that is really interesting, i am dealing with that issue right now. I am more like the guy in the first video, what do I do to make the shift into the second ?


Oh man, that’s a big thing. It’s not something you can consciously work on, but you can do it indirectly.

First, by learning to let energy flow in your body. Using As Above & So Below daily will help a lot.

Second, if you can, get this physical eye relaxation training:

It is the best of the best I have found. It helped me fix eyesight, coordinate my eyes, have a relaxed look and eye contact.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. cc @DarkPhilosopher

Those two recommendations will get you a long way to where you want, @joefso


Feldenkrais applied to the eyes and vision? Now thats something interesting to explore.
Thanks @AMASH!


Thanks to my friendly neighborhood streptococcus I have a lazy eye, nothing can fix that one. :slight_smile:

It makes for a lousy first impression. Although if one’s gaze is good enough, people tend not to notice. Once I’m past that first impression.

Heard about Feldenkrais. Thought it was body movements for mobility or something like that.


@AMASH - dude. Why do we have the same reading list (and listening list)? Great minds etc etc :grin:


Thank you @raphael. We’re both :sunglasses: I guess.


Feldenkrais is amazing!!