Almost Been A Month On ST1 Of EOG


Okay so I’m almost done with a full month of ST1 for EOG. However somethings have gotten slightly better, but finances I’m scrapping by. Now should I just go a another full week of ST1 or should I switch to ST2?


Which stage you’re running is less important than whether or not you’re providing a pathway to manifestation. Have you looked at or considered higher paying jobs, or thought about opening up an online business? Worked on your resume? Anything to open up ways for the subliminal to do its work?


Email copywriting, haven’t gotten another client yet and my other one canceled, but y know being positive. Been doing odd jobs In the meantime, but I got bills out the ass coming all at once. I mean ya hear things like oh the reason x and x isn’t working out is blockages and honestly I don’t even know what they are. Like money has been the one thing that’s been out of my reach the most.


You know, I recall this question someone asked me once while teaching me money-literacy. He looked at the average wealthy person and wondered what came first: their lifestyle or their wealth. Did they become rich by living wealthy, creating a necessity to earn more, or did they earn more first and started spending more? I don’t think he ever figured it out.

I don’t really know why this would be relevant to you, but I get a feeling that your problem is that you’re focusing on the money and your shortage of it. Your focus is on the bills and on how you’re just scraping by, instead of the opportunities to get out of the hole. As a matter of fact, in your two posts above you’ve mentioned it three times (four if I count the thing about your clients). If there is such a thing as the Law of Attraction, it will be more than happy to give you more bills and less money and work. That’s easy.

As difficult as it was, one of the best things I ever did to gain a financial buffer was to stop focusing on the money and start focusing on opportunities to improve my lot. I checked my bank balance once a week (on a Saturday), set aside what I needed that week and then didn’t think about it for the entire week, instead I went hunting for work. My subconscious stopped reminding me of my account balance (it knew I had it handled as best I could) and I came across as more confident and less stressed out. That got me work.

At some point, I only needed to check once a month, and finally I got to the point where I know my debit card is always going to work without checking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near where I want to be. I maintain strict discipline on where I spend it. No impulse shopping for me while I’m between jobs.

I’m trying to advice you to take your focus away from how bad you’ve got it. Get it under control as best as you can (even if it is bad) accept it for what it is, and then focus on the future instead.