Alcohol and subs


How much does alcohol effect the subs?


I think it makes subs more effective, because the conscious is less receptive. Just an opinion that popped up while reading your query.


In yoga and many mental disciplines including meditation it is believed that as long as we are anchored to a physical body, this body’s health affects the reach of our mind. The healthier the body, the deeper/further/higher you can go.

So I’d say that even though alcohol may “relax” your conscious mind, it is also a diuretic, forcing the kidneys into dehydrating the body and making it less effective. That’s not good. Neither is anything bad to the kidneys, since they are considered one of the most important organs of the body in Eastern medicine and energy philosophies.

So I’d say to stick to the general recommendation of taking it in moderation and drinking plenty of water (drinking enough water with your alcohol may prevent the hangover), in which case it won’t affect subs either way I expect.

When taken in excess, it’ll probably cause your subconscious to be far too busy keeping your body operating to be able to focus on the subs.


I was drinking a Guinness last night and I was just curious :grin:. Thanks for the input guys.


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For me it worked! :wink:


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