Alchemist VS Sage Immortal

Please tell me your ideas and information.
I think Alchemist is about energetically improvement/liberation and Sage Immortal is about mental liberation.

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I’m not sure.

I’ve run both Alchemist and Sage Immortal. I would say run both.


Thanks for your response
Actually this was not a stack consultation since the circumstances.
I just wanted to know the difference, which there is definitely some :slight_smile:


alchemist - > energy + inner serenity + spiritual + magick

sage - > daily optimization + best secret hidden knowledge + inner serenity + spiritual


To me, Sage Immortal is excellent for those that have established their ‘spirituality’. It will compound and multiply whatever you’ve got going on already and lead you to refining that process.

I would use R.I.C.H as an example.

Loosely, Sage Immortal can be said to be to R.I.C.H what the Alchemist is to… Well, Khan or the Emperor :thinking:

Meaning, the ‘pathways’ to spiritual liberation, if they’re already set, will be oiled and increased by Sage. If they’re not already there, go with the Alchemist. ST1 of the Alch was marvelous to me in my energetic work and I saw was difference within like a day or two of running the initial loop (I’d have to scan my journal).