Alchemist ST1 and Khan ST1


Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone can comment on how ST1 compares between Alchemist and Khan. I own Khan ST1 myself and I have read several other users’ experience with Total Breakdown. I don’t have Alchemist and I assume all the Alchemist ST1 reviews are over on the private forum, so I hope someone who has both can clarify how the two subs feel different.

Alchemist ST1 says “purify your negative thoughts and beliefs” which is what I would imagine also comes from Khan ST1 “takes you through your trauma and helps you heal them.”

Alchemist references removing energy blockages and negative energy, so how does that compare with Khan’s references to removing trauma and negative programming (which I imagine would be a large source of negative energy.)

Both Khan and Alchemist mention manifestation, but based on the descriptions it seems Alchemist has attracting positive things in ST1 whereas Khan waits until ST4 to introduce it.

Hope someone can enlighten me :slight_smile:


No takers? I guess everyone who has Alchemist must be off in their own private forum :wink:


I think it is more likely that everyone who has Alchemist has not listened long enough to be able to tell you anything useful. It still has that new MP3 smell.


Fair enough, I’m just as interested in preliminary results. Several people have commented on irritability and tiredness in just the first few days of Khan ST1. I’ll be interested if that is consistent with Alchemist.

Since I can’t see any Alchemist journals, I’ll just have to wait for them to share over yonder.