Alchemist Results?

I’ve delved a little into spiritual topics over the past few years, and The Alchemist is an interesting subliminal. I’ve thought about it and while the description seems appealing, the path that one takes with this sub is a little too vague. Unlike the social subs or subs like Emperor Fitness, there doesn’t seem to be a clear set of actions done with this sub.

So my question is: what do people end up doing with The Alchemist? How do people get transformed by it, by the time they reach stage 4?

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I’ve ran 100+ hours of stage 1, and about 20 hours of the other 3 stages. Most of these were before the Q upgrades in April. From my experiences, stage 1 shifts your vibration to a really high level. I felt really optimistic after 7-8 loops over night.

I never really moved on to stage 2 because I felt I still needed stage 1, but I plateaued with it. I suspect it’s because I need other forms of healing (other than spiritual, even though spiritual healing is absolutely important) like emotional/mental. Hence why I am running a custom of Renegeration + Ascension. I will be looking to get back to Alchemist Stage 2 in future.

I was a possibly the least spiritual person around in my life. During Alchemist I became incredibly interested in every manner of spiritual practice I could find, but it was all still academic. It wasn’t until I reached the end that there was an awakening in myself. I guess something had been building. Now I believe in things and surround myself with people that go from being mildly intuitive to believing in things I would have shaken my head at a year ago.

Is it all Alchemist? No idea, but the sudden interest in exploring all things spiritual is from it I think.


That’s interesting. So from my understanding, the Alchemist boosted your curiosity and interest in spirituality more than anything. Do you believe that this result was worth it, given the listening time and cost?

I wasn’t listening to it exclusively. But I am glad to have this experience, as confusing as it may be. Maybe it is Alchemist, but thanks to my new beliefs I am convinced this year is important. This is a year in which we choose a path to walk, and I intend to walk the right one even if I have no clue how. Without this “awakening” I would have gone through the year perfectly oblivious.

Then again, maybe I’m simply imagining things and this is just another year. But even then, it is certainly fun to see where all this interest in the subject takes me. As long as I don’t become religious I’m totally enjoying the ride.