Alchemist Q Stack


This will be my new subliminal combo and I am creating this journal to detail my progress.

My goal here is to maximize my cognitive potential as well as my spiritual potential. I believe that they can work in combo with one another to produce optimal results.

Some of my aims:

To achieve perfect memory, perfect recall and an ability to absorb and synthesise information at different levels simultaneously while I am awake.

Extremely accelerated learning of specific tasks (e.g. mastering python programming or a certain language in a record matter of days).

Harmonization of right and left brain.

Gain ability to think from desired person’s point of view (e.g. think like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet)

To ability to think 10 steps ahead of everybody else and to see the big picture as well as be as detail-oriented as Sherlock Holmes.

Photographic memory.

Hyperphantasia - this might be aided with Mind’s Eye when it is ready.

To be able to manifest my own reality easily using my imagination and through a thorough understanding of Neville Goddard’s teachings.

Full connection of mind, brain and body.


Just wondering why Limitless and not Quantum Limitless?


Prefer not to run two multistage subliminals at one go.


Still running Alchemist ST1 for the time-being. Plan to run this for at least 30 days.

Today, another person in the industry who I always wanted to know reached out to me on Linkedin out of the blue.


19 days of Alchemist ST1. I plan to run this for at least 30 days.

Selling medical equipment in such times seems to be much better than selling consultancy services.

I recently connected with a lot of people including some people who I had not seen for over 20 years.

In the previous 2 weeks, I did a lot of cold emails to potential customers which were unsuccessful and largely ignored. This week has been much better after I made a posting on Linkedin and also updated my Linkedin profile. Customers have been approaching me instead of me approaching them.


Reflecting back to Stage 1 of Alchemist it was my favorite part of the journey.
This was where many shifts happened for me.

I wish you great success with your new combo.



I think things are slowly shifting for me.


Is Alchemist Upgarded to Q already ?


It’s not yet.


20 days of Alchemist ST1.

A customer today went into a tirade when he realised that he had to sign a NDA just to see some photos and certificates of our product. Started showing signs of suspicion at our business.

Spoke to my business partner for some advice and understood the reasons for having an NDA in place due to cowboy firms hijacking/pirating our photos/material to sell in our place.

Thinking back, it’s quite a learning experience today. Gonna turn down this customer - he’s not the only one customer in the world and I don’t like his rudeness.

A good friend of mine who has gone into a similar business had shared with me some thoughts on his approach, which were quite different but good for my overall learning.


What has been your listening “regimen”?


At least 8 hours a day.

Ultrasonic from my laptop speaker.


Strongly considering StarkQ which contains limitless and most likely the “wu wei” element to complement AlchemistQ.


My goals are super similar to yours as well!
I want to be able to accelerate all my learnings and coincidentally for programming languages (python and javascript) as well.
When you talk about “Gain ability to think from desired person’s point of view (e.g. think like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet)”, do you mean deep trance identification?

I’m curious to read about your journey and let’s talk if you can!
I would love to discuss and share ideas on meta-learning


Yes. I want to be able to think from their point of view by reading their autobiographies and perhaps watching their interviews.

The reason why I am combining this with Alchemist is that the Alchemist (as well as Limitless ) will help me understand better Neville Goddard’s teachings, which in essence teach us to that everything around us is an expression our awareness, and the source of everything including our being starts from the state of “I am”

When you understand the nature of “I am” and get into this state, you can experience what you want.

“I am” Bill Gates.
“I am” Warren Buffet.

When I understand the nature of “I am”, and can easily read through and understand their autobiographies written from the perspective of “I am”, I will have achieved my goals.


That’s dope. I don’t know a lot of people who knows and does DTI. It’s truly powerful stuff.
What Neville stuff do you recommend? I’m getting into it.
I’ve only read Power of Awareness and Law and the Promise


Perhaps “The Pruning Sheers of Revision” might be good for you to read, as well as “Feeling is the Secret”.

It would be good at some point of time to start focusing on “I am” meditations.


Day 21 of Alchemist ST1.

Addictive behaviours weakened over the past week.


Day 23 of Alchemist ST1.

Started running Alchemist Q ST1 a few times these days and somehow felt tired and sluggish. Perhaps I have been overdosing on it.

Anyway, in another post of mine, I did mention that I had a deep fascination with words and images for most of my life.

I had recently offered my help (in the form of my free time and my language skills) to help an industry contact who had quit his job to focus on building up a website that had a theme related to aviation and history.

I was very much interested in helping him collect some photographic material for his website and one of his priorities at the moment is to get some photographic material from Japanese websites. He was willing to subscribe to Japanese archival databases online, including those owned by news agencies.

I had a look at some of the old material owned by these Japanese news agencies today and was very very fascinated. This was an opportunity to dabble in what I had been interested in for so long - a visual history of Japan.I am a history buff and the visual history of certain countries -Japan is one of them - in the 20th century have always fascinated me.

So this project is really something up my alley.

Also, just now a friend of mine just told me that he had helped with a favour for somebody with whom I was trying to mend a relationship with and I felt pleased.


Day 24 of Alchemist Q ST1

Had a very good sleep, compared to countless sleepless nights before this.

I dreamt last night about myself taking up a job as a relief teacher requiring me to go to a school early in the morning. However, my real task was just to help the form teacher - she was a British lady - set up the IT system and then I was free to do my own stuff until after lunch supposedly.

And so I decided to go home and on the way home, I made a new friend.

Also dreamt about myself being back in high school and seeing many of my high school classmates again. We were supposedly all adults now and had come back to the school to re-enact a scene for some purpose.

I saw that one of my high-school classmates was crossing the road to chase a bus. He managed to board the bus in time before it left the bus stop. Unfortunately, the bus didn’t wait for me and left without me.