Alchemist from badboi into goodboi


First day I run alchemist stage 1
I dont know what too expect yet
But some improvement in my life is welcome.
I have started visulize things i want
And some colors, like when i think of motivation i can ser
Red flame , maybe its fueling me with strong energy.
And when i think about my self esteem and love, IT felt
More like a green soft energy, like a protective
Bubble that im insider and the green energy heals
My wound.
Not sure if this makes any sense but it is intresting.


The green makes perfect sense.


Thanks, Nice chant, i will try it out.

My mood have been better, i do feel chill and sleepy sometimes but its not all day.
My baby keeps looking over my head like there is something over me.
Is it aura or angel or a nice energy, i dont know…

The sub is working on some levels that i dont really understand.
But i feel good inside so my mind must understand it.


This sounds weirdly poetic


Alchemist is manifesting
I met a friend and he told me i could have a job.
And my mom texted me and told me i had too call her, guess what she had found a job from a friend.
And i found a job near my place, thats 3 jobs in a row.
And there is this lady from the office called me too tell me that she had two free course if i want too.
Seems like everyone is helping me out.
Friends want to hang out with me more, im a VIP now, haha.

Shit just happend, keep it coming baby, im grateful this. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Badboi!
Did you experience any reconciliation within these first few days?


Yeah i think so, i felt a little sad, tired/sleepy, doubt, at first.
And after seeing good luck and good things happening alot,
I feel i can trust that the results are coming from the Alchemist.
So im more optimistic now and feels like more good is coming my way. :smiley:


My energy level inside my body are changing from heavy tired into a light sooth energy.


I am filled with golden energy. It vibrate.
It feels alive, its the life force. I can visualize the energy clearly.
Pretty cool.
It comes when i run the program.