Alchemist core and Aura


I feel really super drawn to alchemist core and have decided today after pondering on it for the past few days to go ahead and purchase it.
My question is this, would purchasing and running Aura with Alchemist core work? Also, does Aura work with mogul as well?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::milky_way:


In the dark ages before there was Q, the stacking modules did not work as well with multi-stage programs as they did with single-stage programs. But part of that was older scripting.

Of course, now that everything has been updated, they may work a lot better. And Aura seems to be a quite popular again.

As far as Mogul goes, keep in mind that Aura enhances the Aura of the main program. In the case of Mogul, I suppose that is an aura of success that attracts business opportunities. So yeah, it’ll probably work quite nicely.


Thank you for your reply


Might want to wait a week or so and see how things work with the Q store.


Are you saying I should hold off on my purchases? I didn’t get to purchase the Alchemist nor the aura modules yet (got distracted). I’ve already gotten Mogul, Rebirth and limit destroyer, I didn’t know the last 2 were a part of mogul lol, oh well.
I appreciate everyone’s replies :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. The upcoming Q Store is going to be a pretty major development around here. The newly available options might influence how you decide to organize your subliminals.

That’s just a guess; but it’s an educated guess.


Sweet, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.


Aura + Mogul would be a very interesting experiment to try out before a business negotiation. I’ve found that Aura links with any subliminal really well. Combining Aura with Mogul will probably give you a very powerful Aura of a business person.


I used it the other day and got a possible customer, I’m going to run it again before I go do their estimate Monday afternoon. One things for sure, SC has the most powerful subs I’ve ever used. I’m officially hooked lol