AlaskaIcePRincess' Journey


I am new. I ordered the products last night. I purchased Regeneration, Emperor Fitness, Ascension for Women and Seductress. I am a bit confused at the different stages and files so tips are welcome.

I am starting this journal to track my progress. So far I have just been running Regeneration Ultrasonic on my cell phone. I made a play list of the same tracks over and over. I can hear a faint buzzing… So I know its playing.

Status Day One:

  • Career- Meh. Supervisor keeps piling up more work with no end in sight. I actually have more duties working from home. Pay is $55k, which I consider too low for 20+ years in my field. There is a understanding that I am lucky to have a job since our state economy has been in the toilet for years.

  • Weight/body I stopped getting on the scale at 204 lbs. I have 48 inch hips. My blood pressure is dangerously high. Sometimes it is a challenge to shower every day working from home. I am just not into it. Probably depressed.

  • There has to be something better for me.

I was going to buy some online course and was looking at Talmadge Harper when I found this site. I justified the purchase with the new customer discount and DarkEmpress’s progress pictures. I have undergone hypnosis for childhood trauma and have used the Sedona method. I wanted to complete that journey and focus on growth.

Tips and advice are welcome.


Hello, welcome :upside_down_face: your in a good place with good people here.
I’m taking a online course and the person running it mentioned how females weight/ body issues are directly tied to their self esteem. He said he’s noticed in his practice how his female clients who had depression, one of the major factors for it were they were not happy about their Weight. Due to these weight issues it was contributing to there depression and in a number of clients it was the direct factor for their depression.
I’m sure others on here can give you the answers you need for the subs you have. As for regeneration based on what I’ve read about it on here it’s a good subliminal That should help you deal with and heal any traumas or roadblocks you have.