Agency Ignition (Mogul + Limitless Exec)

What’s up party people.

Finally decided to start a journal, after years of Saint saying its one of the best ways to boost results.

A little about my subliminal journey so far (since ZP released):

  • Started with CFW for several cycles, the healing on that really is NO JOKE
  • Ran EoG St 1 for several cycles as well, it’s hard to say how it affected me, but it definitely helped me shrink down my wealth-related mental blocks
  • Played around with Commander, Executive, Limitless Executive, Emperor, Ascended Mogul throughout all these cycles, they all slightly helped with motivation and drive, maybe Emperor more than the others but that could also have been the ZP effect when you start a new sub

A little about my current goals:

  • Starting a Real Estate lead gen agency (looking at you @Billions :eyes: )
  • Waking up early (like before noon :slight_smile: ) and jumping straight into work (Leila Hormozi style)
  • Increasing productivity and creativity so I can rocket boost this business into landing clients
  • Putting my mission above everything else (sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice)

As a result, I’ve decided to keep my stack simple based on the objectives that are currently out -

Mogul & RICH.

Mogul - all wealth scripting, all the time.
RICH - manifest clients.


Would love to hear from the other agency/sales heads here on the forum what your stacks are, what helped you get started, what levers you pulled to pour jet fuel on your results, etc.



Nice stack, nice goals, will be a regular reader here.
Success with your journey!


Day 1 - Mogul + Rich

Woke up today at 10 AM, but went back to sleep and only really got out of bed at 1PM.

Listened to the stack around 2-3 PM, after which I got to work, but was only able to do around one hour of focused work before distractions and errands derailed my day.

However, the work was good. Changed up my cold email template based on advice from a mentor, and sent out 300 emails with some automated software.

One person emailed back asking to remove them from the list :grimacing:
Let’s hope I start getting more positive replies soon, although I have gotten a couple, tomorrow I am gonna iron out my follow-up process so these people don’t fall through the cracks.

One thing I struggle with is staying distraction-free during working hours. I keep my phone around out of fear that a family member will call me with an emergency. Although more often than not it’s my girlfriend asking me to go on a walk to the grocery store or my mom calling to ask me to take meat out of the freezer.

How do you high performing business folks deal with creating an environment that’s distraction free?

One thing you might consider.

Mogul is inner game, RICH is outer game. Mogul helps you create opportunities, RICH helps you cash out on those opportunities.

So what I generally recommend for agency space is prioritizing Mogul over RICH until you’re cranking out at least 5 sales calls a week. OR if you cold call. But when you’re building out your systems, heavily prioritize Mogul u until you have something that RICH can make more likely to succeed.


Limitless Executive (or just executive) is the “foundation” to wealth subs just like how Ascension is the foundation for alpha subs. Might help solve this problem… I waited for Mogul to solve productivity issues forever… it certainly helped, but LE was much more direct, fast, and long lasting.

EOG ST 1 is also foundational, but thats a separate conversation.


And that is why your name is not Millions but Billions, great insight and advice :wink:
I would also recommend Limitless Executive (not just Executive) but I would stay with only two titles in the stack.

Day 2 - Rest

Woke up earlier today, although I still hit that snooze button way too many times.

Read through Kekich’s Credo to start my day (recently recommended by modern advertising GOAT (imo) - Taylor Welch).

Sent more automated emails (300) and got a handful of replies asking me to remove them from my list. No positive replies today.

Developed my email follow-up script for when I do get positive responses (only one so far, forgot to follow up with him today fuck)

Got distracted by my GF wanting to go on a walk again today, one of my goals for the day was to take a walk, but she always wants to go at like 3-4 PM and it completely interrupts my flow. Gonna start having to say no to her, and walk on my own in the morning listening to some Hormozi or something.

Once I got back home my flow and motivation was trashed and I don’t think I did any more work, other than lightly research another cold email solution which allows me to scale my current operation.

Also, meant to do some offer research cold calls today and forgot. Fuck.


Switching my stack to Mogul + Limitless Executive based on the observations made by @Billions and the new objectives just released.

I think this gels better with my current goals, and will allow me to ACTUALLY get work done, instead of hoping that RICH’s manifestation tech drops clients in my lap.


I think the last part with taking responsibility and taking action instead of hoping for manifestations is important (in the beginning) until you already gained enough momentum.


Day 3 - Mogul + Limitless Exec

Snoozed too much again today, but I got out of bed earlier than yesterday so… that’s still progress.

Sent out more automated emails, and did a followup with a positive reply.
They responded an hour later saying thank you but not currently interested.
TBH my followup copy left a bit to be desired, and I forgot to include my booking link and a CTA.
Live and learn I suppose.

Only listened to my stack at like 5pm today, basically after the whole day was done for me.
I think this might be recon, my subconscious fighting against the effects of LE, because anytime I have LE or Exec in my stack, this happens that I forget to listen to the subs until early evening.

I still listened tho, and after listening instead of sitting around to watch Twitch I got up to shower and get ready for my boy’s bday dinner, whereas I might have just sat around and gone without a shower had I not listened to the stack.
Not crazy results, but results nonetheless.

Gonna keep at it, and will continue to report back :+1:

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Day 4 - Rest

Forgot to post this yesterday.

Had a chill day. Woke up later than I felt like I should have again.

Working on this “should” mindset though, why do I feel like I SHOULD do anything?
Because other people are doing those things and successful with them?
Because the world tells me I should be a certain way that I’m not?

Some things definitely fall into this category, and I’m probing my inner self to see what my beliefs are and what I want deep down.

Then from there I must make a plan and take action towards my true desires.

Regarding work, I obtained a tool that better cleans my email list, so my bounce rate is down to near zero! That’s super exciting, and I got a few positive responses back on them that same day.

Sent out my booking link, and now we see what happens.

I am wanting to start cold calling, but fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid, fear of being bad, is all holding me back.
How do you all deal with this in business, particularly sales & cold calling?

Also, @Billions I am curious if you have any organic outreach channels you are utilizing to book appointments for your agency?

Facebook DM’s. I’ve pitched free trials and those work exceedingly well. That was early on. The trick with that is to heavily qualify the people you bring onto a trial, make them fill out a typeform application, ask them how many closings they’ve completed in the last 90 days, and then don’t give them anything if they’ve gotten less than 3 closings in the last 90 days.

That way, you’re only pitching realtors with money in the bank account at this exact moment. Too many “successful” realtors that haven’t closed a deal in 6 months saying they’re the best team in their city…

If you pitch a free trial, make sure it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket, and only expect 20% or less of them to convert into paying customers, even if your product is good.

And also… don’t take on too many free trial clients at once. Just because you can onboard 15 free trial clients in 5 days like we did, does NOT mean you have the systems in place to take care of all of them.

Instagram DM’s also work quite well. Don’t make your instagram profile business-like. Make it professional looking personal photos. Don’t send people follow requests and don’t cold DM them. Comment on their photos things like “Do you work in the XYZ county in Nashville?” They’ll say “Yes.” You say “Awesome, can I shoot you a message?” and then send them a message to their DM’s after they’ve already engaged with you on your comments section.

You need a good offer and you need to find a way to make yourself as different sounding from FB/GOogle Ad agencies as possible… even if you are one


Absolute gold mine, thank you for the insight @Billions

You’ve given me a ton to chew on…

For Facebook DM’s, did those work for you cold, or was it a 2-step post process from a group, or something similar to the IG strategy of engaging in their content first?

Def have been considering the free trial route to get social proof as a way to close future deals. As in, I’ll give the free trial for a written and video testimonial, or as a case study.

My offer… that’s the toughest thing, because how do you make yourself sound different if you truly are doing the same thing as every other realtor agency in the game, and not even to the full extent because I can’t provide that call center/live transfer infrastructure yet…

So for now my offer is, pay-per-appointment (performance) with a heavy set-up fee that includes the adspend and management for 3 months (altho I will tell them “no adspend!” as a gimmick, I plan for the setup fee to pay for their adspend).
Then they can keep the ads and the system (with a SaaS fee for GHL if that’s the route I go)

What do you think? Not differentiated enough? Or maybe good

Day 5 - Mogul + Limitless Exec

Woke up @ 11 AM, had therapy, ate late breakfast, then hopped on a coaching call. Decent start to the day.

After the call, I listened to my subs, super inspired and in the zone, started up my automated cold emails, and did a little followup with a few positive replies I had.

One of them was super kind, but could see I was trying to sell ads services and politely declined. I loved his vibe and offered him to work on performance should his ad budget free up. Let’s see how that goes, honestly I still have hope for it.

The other guy thought I was trying to give him referrals (tbh they both did, my email copy is a little vague on purpose to drive up interest that I parlay into a sales call) but also figured I was trying to sell leads/ads when I asked him to book a call. Haven’t hit him back yet.

TBH considering changing up my strategy back to a hard offer on the email, because I prefer less responses but stronger bites when they do reply. Gonna weigh that in my mind. Might not switch back just yet because this is good practice talking to people, even if it’s only through email at the moment.

Listening to my stack while I’m working helps me get in the zone super quick, and stay in the zone. I listened to the full 15 min of both tracks in what felt like 5 minutes, I couldn’t even believe it.

Excited to see how these focus and money mindset results compound over time :smiley:

Your coaches and your unique situation will determine the best offer for you. I can’t comment on how good your offer is because it’s all relative to what you can fulfill on, as well. There’s thousands of ways to skin a cat - what’s important is that you are confident on sales calls and are effective at sales, because what you’ve really done by starting your own agency is given yourself a 100% commission sales job with extra responsibility added on top, and it’ll be that way for a long time.


After a period of experimenting with too many subs, being on Emperor for two cycles, forgetting to run my loops more often that I actually ran them, I am back and committed to sticking with a stack and a plan.

New Stack:

  • Ecstasy of Gold Stage 1
  • True Sell
  • Mogul

And thats how I’ll run it too, EoG1 + TSell on Day 1, and Mogul on Day 2.

Running full 15 min subs.

Maybe I will set up some type of alert on my Google Calendar for this so I stop forgetting.

Also, had a thought after reading some of the new support articles on listening patterns for ZP…
Have the founders or any testers ever tried listening to 1 sub every 36 hours?
Meaning with a stack of three subs, you listen to one every 36 hours, then restart the stack?
Feels like it would give each sub enough time to process, even more than running 2 together then waiting 48 hours to run another.
Thoughts? @SaintSovereign @Fire

Also, with the agency…
No amazing news unfortunately.
I have been stalled by my fear of rejection on sales calls, so I have avoided making them.
Could also be a fear of responsibility on actually closing the sale and then having obligations to a client.
So my business is still at zero.
However, I have been making slow and steady progress in my mindset and my business knowledge.
But that’s just a participation prize, I know the real work is starting sales conversations and following through on them, that is the only thing that will bring me closer to my goal of having a successful business…

Will my stack help with this? We will see.

I don’t think I can edit the title of this thread, so I may make a new one.
Do you know if it’s possible to edit the title somehow? @RVconsultant

You can edit the first post and by editing that one you can also edit the title.

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