Against the wall.Need help...!


Hello everyone, I have not post on here before even if I own a few SubClub subliminals…
Why hmm…! First here’s the ones I have: EmperorV1234,primal,libertine,aura,sanguine,
godlike masculinity, the commender and iron throne.

A bit about me…Married,55,employed in the same everyday job for the last 10 years(I deliver and transfer construction equipment).
I do have an attention deficit problem(not major but enough to get me distracted often).
Now this…I have been running emperor for a few months now, mostly V3 and V4 in the last
5 to 6 months and the more I run it the more I get upset and mad at work.A year ago I would not have notice this,but now, I see all those young employees wasting their time on facebook,the internet and texting and so on, all that laziness and and poor attitude is affecting my side of the job. I think Emperor opened my eyes.
But something I need is still missing…I still cannot create, find, or notice opportunities
that could get me in a better position,like better job, promotion, a paying hobby or sideline or simply a good idea…ect….My question to you guys is…do you think I chose the wrong sub,?
Would a sub like Quantum Limitless would be better for my needs and to help me pay more attention and also help my memory(I mean learning and remembering). Thanks in advance for your experience and advices…Rick


Hi Rick.
I think EoG or Mogul might suit you well. Ev4 definitely isn’t the wrong sub, it just led you to this realisation. It is a foundation, a very long term-friendship so to speak. You can build on it.


Being irritated at time wasting activities is classic Emperor. Emperor was meant for building your own empire and cutting out useless shit from your life.

If wanting better job opportunities is the main focus, Mogul or Ascended Mogul works quickly. Maybe with Ecstasy of Gold.

Khan is more personality based- it has manifestation techniques and charisma if you want to be seen and promoted within your existing company. Driving a truck all day may not give you that window to advertise yourself however…


Thanks guys,yes I am kind of stock in this job because you can’t get promoted driving a truck,so it is why I need a sub that will help me see or create opportunities in a different field,Ecstasy of Gold seems very interesting so as Ascended Mogul,but the manifestation part
in Khan is interesting too,will try to figure out which one would suit me best,at my age I dont have time to wait…thanks…Rick


What you should consider when deciding is the reconciliation part of EoG and Khan. It’s very possible it hits you so hard you feel so awful you can’t work anymore and lose your job. So I’d at least save up money for 2 months, just in case.


Khan should be your least focus if you want to do something with your job since the other subs are much more suitable


Thanks guys for your opinions, a little thougher than I thought, many different opinions here, is
there a sub that you guys would agree for that would help me see opportunities,without making
me feel awful to the point of quitting my job…thanks for your time,you guys are great…Rick


Hi Rick!
I definitely recommend Ascended Mogul for the quick-hitting productivity for keeping a job.
If you want to include something like EoG or Khan for more long-term effects, I’d consider a 2:1 ratio of AM and the other.
2x AM and 1x EoG or Khan.


Thanks a lot for your advice, I got Emperor Fitness a few days after it came out,I thought I get myself in better shape first not that I am in a bad one,but the doctor put me on TRT 6 months ago,so I will get the muscles and joints a little better and loose a few pounds.I wii get Ascended Mogul for sure in a short while and hope it will help me see opportunities or help me create one…thanks my friend…Rick