After The Dusk (A journey to the New Dawn)


I am at a very vulnerable point of life right now. My world has been shaken 180 degrees in the last few days.
I’ve been questioning my life choices.

This journal will document my journey upto the next dawn, or maybe even beyond

Stark Q, QL during studying, (almost 30 days. Could’nt keep track of time)

Thinking of adding either EQ or EOGQ or PCC to the stack.

EQ: Since switching off of khan, my dominant feeling has subsided, maybe EQ could get it back for me, along with aplifyung the productivity and wealth building.

EOG: Build the Wealth Foundation

PCC: I will have to start and do a Job as a learning experience for a while, so pcc to handle the office politics etc.


Day 1

I played 1 loop of emperor Q, and holy shit, a small poke from my girlfriend pissed me off! i blasted off at her! holy fucking shit!


Day 2

lol. this is funny.

I was off of posting my updates for almost a month, during this time not once did i think about changing my stack. was listening to Stark Q and QL Q on rotation.

As soon as i started documenting again, I am starting to raise questions on my stack.

But thanks to Q tech! I only need 1 loop per day and still not risk under exposure.

As per my previous post my choices are.

Stark Q for until the end of time
QL Q On Q3 now. after my exams finish i am gonna do another re run from stage 1
PCC Q to read through people
EQ Just to compensate for my lack of Dominant behaviour, will probably hold back this one until i start building my empire.
EOG Q Will also hold this one for until a little later.

Probably gonna stick to experimenting between following the playlists:

Stark Q and PCC Q

Stark Q, E Q and PCC Q



Day 3

I have been having a feeling that i will do something big, at the otherside of lockdown.

I am looking forward to tomorrow!