After 5+ Months on SubClub


With the likes of Empv2, Primal, SS, Ascension
I have woken up to a whole new level.
First off, thank you two. @SaintSovereign @Fire. Doing God’s work may God reward you both in full.

I feel as if the emperor scripting is truly kicking in now. It will eat away at me until i put some fuckers in their place

Second point. I don’t know what the fuck you guys have put in your subs but it feels as if I have done “trascended” when I shouldn’t have of. As if I mediated for a long while and truly feel full in my chest and being. I can see things now… bro it’s kind of fucking stressing me out a little. You show me a nice picture of a smiling female mascot supporting some cause and I will point out to you the subtle underlying ugliness that radiates from it = I can just sense shit now, sense how sham bullshit is, how bullshit this world is and how akin it is to a mere game. God gives wealth and strength to whoever He Wills

Fuck you all by the way.


And trust me, I don’t give a fuck about sharing my supreme progress to anyone, but I know that the devs of subclub deserve the thank you and recognition


Seriously though, what the fuck did you two put in emperor?
I feel as if I would punch back a tyrannical King purely out of pride and not give a fuck about being executed


And oh, you two should also just kick the fucking bucket and hand subclub over to me, I can retire u two [MOD EDIT: No slurs, ever] in some old people’s ohuse @SaintSovereign @Fire


On behalf of SubClub and its forum tenants, fuck you too! :wink:


4 posts made about not giving a fuck.

Who can decipher the irony here? :joy::joy::joy:


I hope you are well too.


More importantly: who gives a…? :wink:

Anyways, this was posted in the journals-section, so let’s let the man get back to his colorful journal.

I do like the first part in that Coming to America clip: “Life. Real life. The thing that we have been denied for far too long.”

Some people feel that way once the subs get to work.


My bad.

I got carried away.


Heavy reconciliation?:joy::joy:


u can since u talking about it boi


We appreciate the thanks, but rein it in.

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