Afc22's Journal


I want to start a little journal. I won’t update everyday. I will when I feel like doing it, so the updates will be quite irregular.

My goal is to become a male who is confident and only needs his own validation. To make it short I want to become a laid back Alpha male. I would also like to become less shy when it comes to eye contact with strangers who are passing by. Strange enough I don’t have much problems with eyecontact when I’m talking with someone, it’s only when I don’t have any interaction with someone.
The last main thing I want to improve is my small talk skills. I’m quite bad at it and I feel like it’s the main reason why I find it hard to make new friends.

I feel like I’m already on the right path to become the man I want to become. For the people who are familliair with MBTI, I’m an ISTP. I don’t take MBTI too seriously anymore, but the description actually fits me quite well. Except for the mechanic stereotype. I personally think the ISTP archetype is very good foundation for the person I want to become.

Enough background information, now back to the subs.
Right now I’m listening to Primal, Ascension,Rebirth and I want to add Godlike Masculinity.
What I notice since using Primal/Ascension:

-I became a little bit more stoic than I already was.

-The opinions of other people about me are becoming way less important.

-When arguing I am more calm from the inside. From the outside I always looked calm since I dont’t show a lo of emotions so I am always hard to read. But from the inside I was a lot of times quite anxious.

-I walk like I own the world.

-I speak slower.

-I seem to get more respect. Not that I got disrespected before. For some reason people always respected me, but now it’s more apparent.

-I am becoming more selfish but in a good way.

Overall I’m Happy with the improvements.


I feel the social aspect of Primal is kicking in. I’ve become more loose during conversations. I also have the feeling that there will be a breakthrough in the near future.

One thing that’s still in my head is a dream I had last friday night. I dreamed that I was with an group of people walking and suddenly a random women pulled my jacket ou of my hands because there was someone quite bad injured. I became very angry and ran after. Then when she arrived by the injured person I took my jacket back and started shouting at her for quite a long time. The group I was walking with said I was an asshole and I needed to behave normal. But I didn’t care.

Now maybe I was a imature during that dream, but I was so pissed that she didn’t even ask for my jacket. For me this was a strange dream because normally I never show my anger or any other emotion this way.

A few days before I also had a dream I was in a big clash with group of people because I didn’t agree with something. I stood firm.

I think these dream are signs of a breakthrough.


I’ve switched to AM and Limitless. A few weeks back I already dropped Primal and only started listening to only Ascension. I noticed that the results started to show faster and became more profound. However I also started to want focus on the entrepeneur side so I decide to switch to AM. It probably won’t really hurt the momentum since it still has the whole Ascension script in it.

Lately I was very bored and this has partly to do with the fact that a few weeks ago I sold my gaming computer. I decide that this was something I needed to do in order to explore new things, plus it gave me a lot of extra money. Now I’ve been bored with gaming for almost a year, but after selling your computer you start to realize that still use it when you really have nothing to do.

Trying to find a hobby I decided yesterday to buy a camera(Canon 200D), I always enjoyed playing with my phone camera. It was a big investment, but my gut instinct told me to to do it. And there is someone who want to buy the camera from me if I really don’t like it, so it makes the investment less risky. My goal is to create an Instagram account to post my pictures on. Hopefully I can create a steady following base. And after I gained a lot of information about photography I want to start a Youtube channel. I’ve always wanted to start a youtube channel however I never had great ideas for content. This whole photography stuff is also the reason why I decided to throw in Limitless.


AM + Limitless is the perfect stack for this. I’d recommend 2x Beyond Limitless in the morning also. It boosts creativity significantly.


Thanks for the tip. I don’t have enough time in the morning because of school. So I’ll listen to it in the afternoon when I come home from school.