Advice wanted on first custom (productivity focused)

Been mulling over building a custom lately and I figured it would be best to tap into this wonderful community! I’d love to hear your thoughts and guidance.

I’ve been running Ascension ZP + Executive ZP and have just completed my first cycle. I’ve been really pleased with the results, but I find myself exploring the granular options of customs and I’m starting to see what all the hype is about. I feel like I am very receptive to these subliminals (I have used other subs prior to my time here with subclub as well) and can go a little more advanced. But I do also welcome everyone’s advice.

My goal: Now that I’ve gotten my habits in check, I want to absolutely kick ass at my new job. I want to break out of my previous comfort zones, learn new tasks quickly, and go above and beyond. I want to make a strong first impression, especially considering I will be renegotiating my salary at the end of the year. (I recently negotiated a starting salary even higher than what I expected, I’ll credit Ascension for that)

Some things related to this “new” position and how that influences my custom:
I used to work for this company in 2021. I left, what was a great job tbh, because I was out of my comfort zone and I just could not break down that barrier of imposter syndrome. This is not how I framed it at the time, mind you. I told myself I wanted to teach, which I did for a bit, because it was easy and comfortable for me. But the pay was terrible and just very unstable. Unclear when I’d potentially find myself in a faculty position. It was this summer as I used subliminals and really focused on myself through meditation, exercise, etc that I received a clarity of mind to apply for a new position that the company had open (two people in the department remained good friends, and I was in good rapport with the rest of the team). They welcomed me back with open arms.

SO, with that said. I’m moving from 8 months or so of being technically freelance, where I found that my work ethic was struggling and all over the place, back to an enterprise company. I’ll largely be working remote as well, so I need to make sure I have unstoppable self-motivation.

What I like most about working on this custom is how I can tailor it to my job. I work in cybersecurity and will be dealing with complex systems, risk assessments, and writing policy. And that’s both internal and third party systems so I’ll need to deal with different systems and navigating each on a case-by-case basis.

After a couple nights of research through all the customs, I’ve come up with a list of 10 modules that I’d like to try as my first custom:

Custom Name TBD

  • Ascension Core - continuation of what I have been running
  • Limitless Executive - sort of a continuation, I have been running Executive only. It makes sense to add Limitless to the mix because I’ll be needing to learn some new things on the new job.
  • The Streams - Complex mental work, multi-tasking
  • The Lines - I need to be able to think ahead and plan in depth throughout complex systems. I want to be able to catch things that others don’t early on in review processes.
  • Informaticon - I’ll constantly be doing research and coming to understand unique security mechanisms, so I’ll need to sort through information and know what is the best for my need. I may also need to present new information and show that a better method exists to reduce cost.
  • Wisdom Personified - I want to make good judgement calls and be able to back up my risk assessments and policy decisions. Read that this also pairs really well with Lines + Informaticon.
  • Machine: Action - To optimize my day and not waste any time. Need strong self-management. My manager is very hands-off approach. Which I like, but I need to make the most of my freedom.
  • Victory’s Call - Eliminate procrastination.
  • Eye of the Storm - Completely eliminate bad habits and continually improve my current habits.
  • Furious Ascent - Finally, I want this to get me out of my comfort zone. This is what made me leave my job previously, and I NEVER want to have that feeling again. That set me back a good year, but hey… here I am and I learned a lot from that experience.

If I had to describe this custom in a short blurb: Designed to eliminate procrastination, wasteful bad habits, and take massive action of required tasks. Knock down barriers and break free of your comfort zone. Let your intuition guide you to the most relatable information for your goals while you connect the dots to build knowledge and wisdom. Cultivate forward-thinking, multi-tasking through complexity, and strong judgement in decision making.

I can’t help but feel it was the first run of Ascension that has helped me fine-tune my goals and inspire me to build this custom. This job is my chance to drastically improve my life, which is why I want to absolutely crush it and I need to be ready for it.

So… calling on all customs pros. How did I do? Am I jumping the gun on a custom? Is there anything other modules that might better fit my goals? And thank you for reading this far :joy:

Shouts to @ksub for the “productivity custom” inspiration.


How about Productivity Unleashed module? Maybe RAIKOV as another option?

Note: I wouldn’t consider myself a custom pro as I have built two wealth & productivity customs. (Intermediate custom user).

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I was looking at Productivity Unleashed, it seems like an obvious one for sure but I also saw some people say that modules like Limitless Executive kind of cover that. But I’m also reading how Machine: Action focuses on strategy while Prod Unleashed focuses on tactics, so they seem to compliment each other. I will add this to my sideline and reconsider.

Looking at RAIKOV, so the way I understand that is that it would guide me to a kind of mentor or guide for the new skills I am developing in my new job. I can certainly see the use for that, and I am no stranger to taking online courses so it might guide me in good directions. I’ll add it to my sideline :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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You figured out a major part of your Custom. If I were you, I would build something like this:

  1. Ascension Core
  2. Limitless Executive Core
  3. The Streams
  4. The Lines
  5. Informaticon
  6. Information Releaser
  7. Wisdom Personified
  8. Machine: Action
  9. Victory’s Call
  10. Furious Ascent
  11. Eye of the Storm
  12. Productivity Unleashed
  13. Natural Winner
  14. I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
  15. Technology Prodigy
  16. Ultimate Writer
  17. Sacred Words
  18. True Sell
  19. Yggdrasil
  20. Mosaic

I would add Productivity Unleashed and I.Q. and Cognitive Booster even though you have a Limitless Executive Core so that they complement modules like Machine: Action and The Streams respectively.

Ultimate Writer and Sacred Words for your writing tasks. True Sell will help with writing too and also social persuasion at work.

Technology Prodigy for help with cybersecurity and related concepts (If you have programming in your job, consider Index Gate).

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Wow @Lion, don’t know what to say. You really took my idea to the next level! Spot on guidance in terms of adding modules to the stack to enhance writing + technical abilities that perfectly align with my job.

I’ll take it as a vote of confidence I can jump into a 20 module custom. Knowing me, I would have wanted to expand on the limited 10 modules sooner than later, anyways…

IQ and Cognitive Booster + Information Releaser were also on my sideline. I like the added touch of Yggdrasil + Mosaic for results enhancement.

Thank you!

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Glad you liked it, @bladerunner :pray:

Put in the order, this custom feels too right! After reviewing it more, it made me think of the DIKW hierarchy (data > information > knowledge > wisdom) and I realized how perfect this is for designing and maintaining complex information systems. I think I’ll call this… DIKW ASCENSION.

Should receive it just in time once my washout completes :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2022-09-18 164341


So I just had the wildest… should I say synchronicity? Manifestation?

I literally was typing out an email to Subclub to check on the status of my custom order and literally a minute after I started writing the email, before being able to hit send… my custom order was delivered.

Been listening to LBFH twice after my recent washout, so now about to add this custom alongside it and feeling super hyped! Haha just had to share that experience.