Advice on Creating Two Customs

Hey there everybody!

I’m thinking of what modules I’d love to put into two customs I’m making. I’ll be making it in the next 2 - 3 months since my budget now doesn’t allow me to build it yet :shushing_face:. Blessing in disguise, since it’ll let me take my time figuring it out. Here is what I have planned:-

:elephant: 男性 (:bear: Godlike Masculinity + :necktie: Ascension )

  1. :bear: Godlike Masculinity
  2. :necktie: Ascension
  3. Earthshaker: Authority
  4. Alpha of Alpha
  5. Emperor’s Voice
  6. Perfect Style & Smell
  7. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  8. The Aligner
  9. Natural Winner
  10. Overdrive
  11. Carpe Diem Ascended
  12. Joie de Vivre
  13. Inner Voice
  14. I AM
  16. Achilles’ Heel
  17. Furious Ascent
  18. The Forge
  19. Omnidimensional
  20. Deus

:man: Social Mastery X (:snowboarder: Daredevil + :speaking_head: True Sell)

  1. :snowboarder: Daredevil
  2. :speaking_head: True Sell
  3. Direct Influencing Aura
  4. Entranced
  5. Enchanting Smile
  6. Mercy Protocol
  7. Empath
  8. Way of Understanding
  9. Eagle Eye
  10. Dragon Tongue
  11. Ultimate Writer
  12. Song of Joy
  13. Storyteller
  14. Transcendental Connection
  15. Gloryseeker
  16. The Spotlight
  17. Lifeblood Fable
  18. RAIKOV
  19. Submodel Alpha
  20. Subconscious Flow

The 1st one is a Status/Masculinity-based subliminal, used to build upon what I consider to be my weakest qualities. The 2nd is a Sales/Social-based subliminal, used for Sales and perfecting my social ability. I plan to run both for over a year, planning for potentially up to 2 years.

For subliminal history, right now I’m on my 5th cycle of :necktie: Ascension, 3rd cycle of :speaking_head: True Sell and 2nd cycle of :snowboarder: Daredevil.

My questions are:-

  1. Are these 2 too dense? I’ll also be running a 3rd major title alongside these two, so my only worry is I wouldn’t have any effective results. Plan to run these alongside :crossed_swords: Spartan: Apex Fitness and later :moneybag: Mogul. I’m aware that Saint says what matters more is how focused a title/stack is and I do consider these two to be very focused but that’s been on my mind.
  2. Anything you think I’m missing? Would like to hear out your thoughts.

Love the customs. Might as well call the first custom Jon Snow.


These are four cores and 40 modules in total, and two more major titles you want to run so I think you know the answer. Another thing is that you seem to have plenty of different goals for your modules.

Technically speaking, you are not. How could I even advice you on your modules if you didn’t reveal to us the weaknesses you want to work on nor the goals you want to achieve? Your weakest qualities or perfecting your social ability is not the best reference point since it’s too general. I also got an impression that you prioritize the sublimanliminal training over the actual work since you didn’t mention anything specific about your plan of “attack”. You’re an expert on yourself and your goals, so I trust you chose what’s best for you already.

I don’t believe in running the same custom for 1-2 years since we’re evolving all the time, the technology is being developed rapidly and life is unpredictable. We’re also creatures that often change their mind since we’re learning all the time and getting different perspectives.

If I was to built a custom I would run one only and aim it at the most immediate needs and circumstances bearing in mind who I’m meant to become. It would be one custom only with adding a major title and switching it in accordance with the most immediate needs and circumstances.

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Your custom looks good buddy

I ordered yesterday a custom to build upon my strength

Daredevil Core
True Social Core
True Sell Core

Approachability Aura
Transcendental Connection
Total Nonchalance
Voice Master
Whispered Power
Story Teller
Emperor’s Voice
Dragon Tongue
The Wonder
Strength of Gentleness
Song of Joy
Enchanting Smile
Inner Gasoline


With that custom you’ll talk until you can’t no more :joy:

That’s a wild social sub !

For this one bare in mind transcendental connection make people talk REALLY A Lot and they don’t hesitate to say 2-5 times the same things re-mashed

As much as it’s a nice social facilitator, it runs pretty wild and can be bothering since it’s more aura based to my experience so anyone close to you will be affected without much focus

With it people could even start talking between themselves tho!

If you have the patience tho it can be worth it
But expect to be stuck in listening mode between 15 to 45 min with some people :ear::rofl:


This is weird. I have had a similar experience on Ascension.
Went to buy a pillow and ended up talking to the seller for about 30 minutes.
Same with just an encounter in a mall with an acquaintance and also ended up talking for quite a while.

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I’m more a listener in my case
And Transcendental connection seem to make people subconsciously aware of it

Then they approach and don’t stop talking :joy::joy::joy:


Forgot to mention another occurrence. Met a long time ago coworker, woman and also we were talking for 45 minutes straight.

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I have that with True Sell

I ask a sincere question about their life and they start spilling out Secrets after Secrets.
And women are a whole new category - they even tell me that they where raped after one hour

Let’s go into Ultimate Social Mastery


To clarify, I won’t be running 4 titles at once. What I mean is that I will be running :crossed_swords: Spartan for my 3rd slot, then replace it with :moneybag: Mogul at some point in the future. That may be due to a lack of clarity on my part :smiley: .

As for the multiple goals, I’m not so sure about that. I feel at first glance it looks cohesive and focused to me. You may be right on the number of modules though, I’ll be considering that. I’m 50/50 on whether the number of modules actually make it truly dense, since it’s all focused. Also running it for the very long-term makes me lean towards thinking it’s fine overall.

True, I haven’t been specific enough! If I were to put it into words:-

  1. The first custom deals with healing my masculine self alongside my will and internal fire. It’s a long backstory but to keep it short as someone who grew up with the choice of picking between a more masculine, yet negative culture and a more feminine, positive one I chose the latter. I don’t regret my choice and I appreciate my more feminine aspects but I think the neglect of developing my masculine energy has popped up many times in the past when bullies, a**holes and other negative individuals appear in my life, yet I struggle to repel them. I also likely have some form of “unconscious injury” in how those individuals treated me, hence the emotional healing modules. Of course, not saying that masculinity is negative, just that it’s negative form appeared in my life hence a sort of inexperience with it.
  2. The second custom is for me to develop my social abilities. I’m not exactly sure how to expand more on this but I would say that I consider my social abilities to be above average in English, yet I lack a sort of spontaneity, wit and charm that I desire. It’s even weaker when it comes to my other language, which is tangled up in the negative, masculine cultural aspects as stated before. I could expand upon every single module as to why I chose them specifically but that may not be necessary for now - as I’m already considering swapping out 1/2 modules.

I would say your feeling may be incorrect. I certainly do have a plan of action, set and ready to go though me not sharing it may have given you that impression. Let’s say that I do have a plan ready to go but it’ll be far too long to include here. You may be right in that I may be hoping that the subs play an outsized role in it, though I think my approach is fairly well-balanced between conscious action and subconscious reaction.

Thanks for sharing your philosophy. Considering my current situation in my life, I believe the subliminals in my stack are fairly well-accustomed towards handling any outward changes in my life circumstances hence the long-term approach. I have already put in plans and systems in place to handle areas of my life that can’t directly be tackled by subliminals. Speaking of purely of tools, in terms of wealth I am focusing on using meditations devoted towards receiving more of it. For physical healing, spiritual practices specialized for it. My romantic life is already beautiful and will only improve from my planned stack, even if it’s not directly targeted. Self-love through metta and metta-like meditations/practices and so on.

Subliminals are what I consider to be among the main tools but not the only ones, so I don’t feel too attached to needing to run them to achieve success in other areas of my life. If I were to do that, I think I’d be capping my potential and get shiny object syndrome :laughing: .

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I see what you did there :wink: . I might actually do that, the more I think of it. I’ll be sure to give you credit on that :joy: .

I like that custom a lot. Whispered Power has sort of interest me, as I don’t tend to speak loudly and from what I vaguely remember, I think I ran a custom a long time ago that had it. Results were quite good, low voice but stronger attention.

Untouchable is interesting, why that choice?

Sweet, thanks! :grin:

That’s interesting :eyes: . I’d actually be into that, I love hearing people talk for hours when it might bore other people.

You know what they say,

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak - Epictetus

Hopefully I won’t need to start having three ears though :joy:

I’ve ran :necktie: Ascension for awhile and haven’t really noticed this. Might be a unique effect for you. I’ll keep my ears open for ya.

I think I’m naturally like this, so I haven’t really noticed this effect in action yet - as I’m also running :speaking_head: True Sell now. (Though I’ll be playing lawyer games if I don’t acknowledge this has been happening to me though). If anything once they stop talking I feel like I’m not as good as responding to them :shushing_face: .

I think people sharing their deepest secrets with you quickly is a great gift provided one knows what they’re doing especially concerning a deeply sensitive topic like that. I’m sure you handled that well though!

I’ve done that recently where I broached a sensitive topic in the first half an hour of ever speaking to them and they were completely honest about it since I wanted to establish a culture of frank honesty. Ran :snowboarder: Daredevil before the convo but my 2 cycles of :speaking_head: True Sell must have achieved that effect as well.


I asked support to replace it with Sanguine module.

It was the only one that stood in the way of being social

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