Advice on building custom stacks

Okay guys nice to be back on here. I’m considering maybe buying a few other programs to go along with my current ones (Emperor Q, Libertine U, Godlike Masculinity, Primal seduction Q, limit remover U) I’m 29, still a virgin in my parents basement. What would you guys recommend for moving out ASAP, not only losing my v-card but having a successful and fulfilling sex life, and becoming a great singer, which is what I want to do as a career? Any recommendations and advice on maximizing results would be greatly appreciated. Y’all are awesome. Never forget that. Stay happy, healthy and safe everybody! Peace :v:

Emperor Q and Primal Q for sure do not use anymore then two for now.

Not going to lie but i think you would do better with like Stark and maybe sex+seduction. You could also make a custom sub with stark, spotlight which is a social media fame module, sex manifestor, maybe Ascended Mogul, sexiness unbound, and some others

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I would definitely advise you to go with Khan.

I normally would say Emperor but Stark seems a much better fit if he wants to be more social and getout there to get laid. Plus stark has the fame module in it which would be a great way to gain ground as a singer.

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@adel no point in suggesting a multi stage program at this stage its better he sticks with a maximum of two subs. Stark is also a good choice

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Do you mean primal or primal seduction? :sweat_smile:

I dont see why not. Khan is great especially considering the deep and massive healing in first stage.

Since moving out seems to be your main priority I would go with Ascension and take as much action as possible to make that a reality.

You have 3 goals there

  1. Moving out
  2. Money from singing
  3. Sex

You can focus on them 1 by 1, or go for all. If you take it 1 by 1, you will probably get faster results on each, rather than all at the same time, but if you tackle them all, they might be some synergy.

For goal 1. I’d go for Mogul/Ascended Mogul. 2. Ultimate Artist + Mogul 3. Primal Seduction. Plus I’d supplement each with some Ultima title, maybe Rebirth at first, and then Librertine for sex and Beyond Limitless for productivity.

For all at the same time I’d go for the Emperor or StarQ (not both, they are quite heavy on their own) and add whatever you feel like you want more of Primal Seduction, Ultimate Artist + some Ultima too.

If you are starting out, just get 1 title and see how you respond, what results you get, how you feel after running them etc. Then you can expand your stack when you know what you can handle and what results are you getting. For example maybe from the Emperor, money will be easy and sex hard. So you can supplement it with Primal, or double down on money, or whatever you want. Also don’t think about customs or Terminus while you’re starting out, just stick with some basic (Q) program from the shop for a month or so.

As for general tips, maintain your mental hygiene. No news, no negative programming into your mind, limit porn, things like that. Instead watch mansions, wealthy singer you want to be like, things you want to be, have or do.

Wishing you success.


WOW okay first off thank you all so much for responding this quickly. It truly means a lot. Here are my thoughts after reading all the advice you gave me. I really like the set it and forget it method of the ultrasonics, and I’d rather do something that does a little bit of everything at once. I also like what @adel said about the Khan helping with healing traumas. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, bipolar 1 and major depression, so that actually sounds like a good way to go. I think that healing my previous beliefs (hence the limit destroyer) was always a great place to start. I’ve narrowed it down to either Stark Q or Khan. Would still love to get your guys thoughts. Again, thank you all so much. This really does mean a lot to me that you guys were so ready to jump in and help. Stay happy, healthy and safe everyone. Peace🤘

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You are very welcome. Glad Khan appeals to you.

Here is the thing. It includes healing that is very comprehensive, as well as breaking down any limiting beliefs, etc. I don’t think any other of the subs includes this much ‘destroy and rebuild’. Some come close, nearly all include some healing, but this one is something else IMO.

And the rest of it also really helps build yourself as a man. The sexual and seduction stuff is there, wealth scripting is there too (plus the sexual energy can be used for further pursuing such things). Dominance scripting is also there, and I think this would help both with women and other areas of life.

You cannot go wrong with Khan.

StarkQ seems cool, but wasn’t really my thing. The amount of power one feels on Khan is immense, it’s just something else (although Emperor has this too but with a very different and serious vibe).

Really amazing what these guys have created.

I’d say start from Stark and Regeneration. Once you listen to those for a few months, your mind and your life will be different. Then bring in the Khan for that deep, sensual, power, and to build things to a new level.

Another good point in Stark’s favor is that it integrates Inner Circle. People make a really big deal in our talk about sex. And of course we do, it’s nature’s original, powerful drug. But whatever else it is, sex is just something that you do with a person (or persons if you’re into that). At the end of the day, it’s energy exchange with somebody (sometimes with a couple metric tons of mental baggage thrown on top, just for fun). It’ll just be another person. Just like you.

Getting comfortable with yourself, your own energy, and the energy of other people will help with the singing, the money, the sex, and the other things you want to do. Khan will eventually be great for that. And Stark is a great lighter place to start out. I’d say add Regeneration in too, because it will also help with loosening up and lightening your relationship to your own energy, issues, etc. Releasing some of that tension from painful experiences and memories of the past.

No your wrong Emperor would be the best fit its harsh but it will push you hard in the right direction and keep you focused on your goals. He wants a fufilling sex life Primal Seduction is best for this. If he stacks these two for 3 months and takes action he should see changes.

Ascension is basically a light version of emperor he needs to go heavy so he should choose emperor.

I would start with Ascension. If you can afford a custom I’d go with that and Khan stage one as cores. Given your starting point, you should plan on staying on that for six months or more. Patience is going to be key here. These things don’t change overnight even with good subs.

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6 months minimum. I am doing 1 year minimum.

If you can afford a a custom i would say go stark core and khan stage 1 core. But if you want just regular subs go Stark and either regeneration or sex + seduction. Stark has some healing in it already and some sexual scripting too.

I would stay away from khan personally, i would rather say go emperor then khan. I think the only part about khan that would help you is the total break down stage 1.

Like honestly your best bet if you can afford it is to get a custom built with stark core, khan stage 1 core, and probably ultimate artist core. Then some modules that go along with your goals like sultan, sex manifestor, financial success reality shifter and some others.

Also stark has inner circle in it and that would greatly help your singing career manifest people to help you with it or really anything you need.

Depends on your goals. What are your goals with the custom sub? Not being a virgin can be EASILY reached.

What are you currently doing now? Are you learning any new skills?

What subs are your currently using?

If you do choose Khan must stick with it long time and go through the tough parts. I think only a few people have done that so far. With a single stager you see results much faster but I still recommend Koan personally.

Also, as khan mentioned, not being a virgin can EASILY be achieved.