Adventures of TryptoKhan


So after running over 500 hours of Emperor I am giving Khan a go. I absolutely LOVE what Emperor has done and plan on returning one day but i feel like i have to run Khan for awhile, mostly because of the Total Breakdown stage. I am tired of being held back in life and am ready for it. And i feel like running Khan will make Emperor even more powerful for me. Maybe i will like Khan better? Who knows. Today was my first day and i will update my progress weekly.

Day 1 - I ran Khan during my sleep for the first run. I woke up not feeling as vibrant as i have on Emperor. I had a strange creepy feeling. While on my 1 hour commute to work i ran ultrasonic and felt very tingly and agitated. Was very bored at work and just wanted to get out of there all day. More tingly and agitated feelings on my 1 hour commute home. I have been a completely different person while running Khan. So it was no surprise that when i met up with my dad he saw me and immediately asked “is something wrong? You would tell me if there was something wrong?” Well i didnt feel like anything was wrong but obviously i appeared as such, which tells me Khan is already doing something. Which i did not expect so quickly. I do feel old feelings creeping back up. Is it Khan already beginning the breakdown? I dont know but i hope so. I want all my old programming gone!! So anyways, that is all i have for now as it is only day 1. Cant wait to see what the week brings as i am not afraid, in fact welcome this process thanks to my good pal Emperor. I will keep this updated weekly (hopefully).


Good luck and make sure you get all your amino acids! :slight_smile:


You won’t have the same feeling you had while using emperor on stage 1 & 2 of Khan. Good luck on your new run :slight_smile:


The first 10 days of ST1 suck. The first 14 days of ST2 suck. But you’re building a foundation for ST3, which is, in my opinion, better than Emperor when it comes to noticeable effects and smooth relaxed ultimate confidence and joy for life.


Week 1 Results:

Ok im back. week 1 was pretty weird. i think emperor covered alot of the “breakdown” aspect so that wasnt too crazy. What was crazy is my anxiety was down alot. I have an overall feeling of “nobody is going to walk all over me anymore” but not in an overly defensive kind of way. Its weird, i have been really horny and women have definitely been looking at me and I DONT CARE. I guess i am more concerned with other aspects of my life and have been more concerned with that. Another difference is, i recently got a new job that is not very high paying but the only thing going through my mind is the experience it will give me and how i can use that to find other opportunities that make more money instead of feeling like it is a waste of time. This literally dominates my thoughts. I have been slightly irritable but in more control of how i react to it. My confidence is way up despite being “broken down”, again i think my experience with emperor prepared me for this because it was pretty intense. Well thats all i have for now. I will update again next week.


sorry about the delay for an update. alot has happened. i did about 27 days of ST1 and then i had an overwhelming feeling that it was time to move to ST2. It sucked at first. @AMASH was not kidding. The first 2 weeks sucked. Fierce sense of failure in life that i had to fight off but it has leveled out recently. Still do not care about hooking up but extremely horny if that makes sense hahaha. Really focused on money matters and finding ways to bring in more income. If any body has any advice on how to make money online i would greatly appreciate it. I find myself really bored on my days off and want to fill it with income activities. Despite the sense of failure i also had a sense of pride in who i have become, and a feeling that i can take on anything. A little irritability and a sense that i dont want to take anyones shit. That is all for now, thanks for reading.