Adventure Sub? What is the most related?


What’s up my fellow forum friends!

As I was sitting in my couch watching a Sunday-movie,
(specifically The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) longing for
some adventure of my own, I realized that I have not seen
any adventure related subliminal anywhere here.

Either there is no one focused on it or I am blind (most probable.)

I am not sure what an adventure sub would cover, but I am
curious if there would be anything for manifesting more adventure
into ones life.
Perhaps I should define first what adventure means for me…

Could adventure be more tied to social interactions?

I am also about 50 hours in to Khan ST1, so maybe that is just stirring some
extra feelings of longing for stuff.

I hope this post is not a complete waste of space - I’d like to hear your thoughts on adventure sub.


You might be experiencing reconciliation, so the best thing is to have a journal and write down the type of adventure you’d like. Sexual adventure? Social adventure? Traveling?

Khan can help with manifesting women and opportunities, Unfortunately subs aren’t magic (I wish they were) so you still have to go out and look for them.

Hang tight, as you’re on ST1 more clues may surface, so enjoy the ride.


This is a great question, as well as a great goal. I have the same (recurring) desire. Sometimes I wish I could go to an airport, walk up to a desk and ask for the first available outgoing flight no matter where it goes. And then figure it out once I get there. It’s probably one of the main reasons why I desire financial independence, so I can do things like that. Or buy an apartment on Residensea and travel the world all year long.

It could very well be a realization created by Khan that you’ve been stuck in your own comfort zone for too long and you need to step outside of it in order to start living and meeting more diverse people. After all, if you become the kind of person that can be dropped in a strange place and feel completely at ease there and able to find his way home, it makes you super-attractive socially and romantically. Possibly even genetically (who knows how much traveling to strange places strengthens your immune system?)

Although I would love to see a sub geared specifically for this goal, I think that of the current line-up, you are running the one most likely to make you more adventurous. Khan makes you into the kind of person that would go to Cuba, walk into a club and start Salsa-dancing with strange women only to wake up next to them the next morning. Sounds adventurous to me. :wink:


Yes, when I read this now after that reconciliation has passed for now, it does makes sense.
For sure this is a big key in all of this.

I mean when you put it like this, sounds like Khan is the right move lol :grin:

Thank you @DarkPhilosopher and @Michel for your inputs!